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Almost Human (Genetically Altered Humans Book 5)

by Rena Marks on 2018-09-16

When futuristic Earth finds alien DNA and creates a new species of hybrids in hidden labs, Dr. Robyn Saraven helps the “creatures” escape. She uses her connections to establish their own city on Earth-Ground, where they can learn, grow, and avoid the corruption and greed that created them.

The only set of Xeno Sapien twins—Jett and Brax, were created from each other. They balance each other. They can’t live without each other. But they were also created to destroy each other.

The first time they see Heather, an unusual new human employee, they can’t live without her. Heather was born different—a throwback redhead in a world of brunettes. Surely she would know what it’s like not to fit in? And fit in, the twins don’t. The scientists who created them depended on their alien attributes over their human DNA—for what better way to get them to fight to the death?

Heather Marlow had an ultimate goal. Apply at Xenia, steal a real, live Xeno Sapien for ransom money, and rescue her grandmother in one fell swoop. But things went awry. 

After being captured for her crime, the twins get their wish. She won’t be allowed to live without them. 

Can she see past the alien differences that leave them almost human?

Other books in the series:

Book 1—Xeno Sapiens
Book 2—Earth-Ground
Book 3—Siren
Book 4—Beast’s Beauty
Book 5—Almost Human

Beast's Beauty: A Xeno Sapiens Novel (Genetically Altered Humans Book 4)

by Rena Marks on 2018-08-06

Welcome to the world of Xeno Sapiens! Crested Utilitarian Laboratories has discovered alien DNA and using it, created beings in an underground laboratory. Since their escape, they've adapted to life in their own protected city. But protection is only as safe as the people around you, as Beast and Sunny find out.

Beast realizes his mate doesn’t know she’s his. But as a man with immense strength, he’ll hold off so as to not hurt her. But when humans take what’s his, all holds are off when his beast is unleashed.

Sunny has a hidden strength of her own. A dangerous power that can sap the life energy—the soul—of another during high emotion. She’ll keep away because the last person she wants to hurt—and the person she feels strongest about—is Beast.
There may be more pain in fighting her desire than in defending his soul.

Genetically Altered Humans Series:
Book 1 - Xeno Sapiens
Book 2 - Earth-Ground
Book 3 - Siren
Book 4 - Beast's Beauty
Book 5 - Almost Human

Siren: A Xeno Sapiens Novel (Genetically Enhanced Humans Book 3)

by Rena Marks on 2018-06-21

When Dr. Robyn Saraven saved a new species of hybrid aliens in hidden, underwater labs, she gave them a safe home to call their own. Xenia, their own city, established in the center of Earth-Ground. The new beings have memories that rise to the surface, along with the unknown traits of their ancestors, traits that may scare the humans that surround their walls clamoring for a glimpse of the strange creatures.

When teenager Lily Xeno Sapien goes missing, head of security Jason Becker will stop at nothing to find his favorite charge. Not a single stone will be left unturned in his rage. In an underground bunker, another level is discovered, set up like a laboratory. In the center of the laboratory is an unconscious green-haired girl. But what has been done to her? His sweet girl is not the same person she was before the kidnapping. In more ways than one.

Lily always knew Jason would rescue her. But new abilities are manifesting like water—including the ability to have him do her bidding. Now finally, she understands the meaning of Siren.

Other books in the Genetically Enhanced Humans Series:
Xeno Sapiens

Earth-Ground: A Xeno Sapiens Novel (Genetically Altered Humans Book 2)

by Rena Marks on 2018-05-11

When futuristic Earth finds alien DNA and creates a new species of hybrids in hidden labs, Dr. Robyn Saraven helps the “creatures” escape. She uses her connections to establish their own city on Earth-Ground, where they can learn, grow, and avoid the corruption and greed that created them.

But peace doesn’t come easy. The new beings have memories that rise to the surface, along with the unknown traits of their ancestors. All the while, Earth watches and leaks information to the press.

Unfortunately, some secrets are best left unknown.

Xeno Sapiens (Gentically Altered Humans Book 1)

by Rena Marks on 2018-03-14

In a future Earth, all governments have combined into one solid platform for the entire planet, the Global Government. Our protector and benefactor. Funded by them, Crested Utilitarian Laboratories has hired a doctor and a computer genius for a special, top secret project.

Alien life forms had been discovered, and the tissue samples kept in secret files. The laboratory has used DNA from the various life forms to create a new alien/human hybrid. Unfortunately, they can't revive the beings without help, and they're willing to pay an exorbitant amount to bring them to life.

However, when the new beings are revived, it's discovered that not all is as it seems. These poor creatures aren't being revived from scratch. They're being RE-awakened, and for what purpose our doctor and computer genius are just beginning to discover.

It's up to two brave women to save these creatures from the rest of the world.

TiTi (Purple People Book 4)

by Rena Marks on 2018-01-17

TITI! Everyone's beloved purple baby fairy!

Titi promises to keep the pretty egg safe for her Aunt Joy. But the egg is more fragile than it seems, smashing in the very hand that swore to protect it.

Little does she realize the egg has the power to thrust her forward in time for a glimpse into the future.

But the future holds many secrets, while Titi has lost her hold on the past. When she uncovers the secret into her future is when she can finally relive her life on the right path.

Titi is a novelette sized SHORT story.

Baby Butterfly Kisses (Purple People Book 3)

by Rena Marks on 2017-12-11

The third story in the Space Babies saga -

The mates of Helian Six are protecting the refugee Puritans hiding on the planet Hesprii by pretending they are their visiting human cousins.

The males of Helian Six have welcomed a bounty hunter crew from their home planet of Freijia who have a mission to either return, or destroy those same Puritans.

Conflict wreaks havoc on the planet unless the males and females of Hesprii can keep the predators and prey separated. Unfortunately, there’s not a lot of room for separation when the snipers fall for the ladies hook, line, and sinker.

Nor when the ladies decide to find poor fools to lose their virginity to.

Alien Stolen

by Rena Marks on 2017-08-23

Our world is different from anything we’ve ever known. Years ago, aliens came to live among us. They claim to be the good guys, and yet every day, humans go missing—never to be heard from again.

Sian and her family resist the leadership of the new regime, along with dozens of other factions across the world. However, without electricity, they’re at a loss as to how to communicate with each other to band together for strength in numbers. For that reason, they fight alone. When her father and best friend are captured by the military, she pretends to be a pleasure worker to infiltrate the base. Unbeknownst to her, a pleasure worker has been summoned to service a new breed of alien—one with a known weakness. Sex drains his strength.

None of the militia realizes that when a Nisibian comes across his mate, he doesn’t lose his power…but instead transfers it to her.

Drunk on the power of being a female Rambo, Sian decides to steal the massive alien for herself. This much power at her fingertips could tip the scales in the resistance fight for humans.

Space Babies

by Rena Marks on 2017-07-10

An antiquated ship, rotating through the galaxy of a deserted planet, bears immediate investigation.

Helian Six boards the abandoned vessel to find the long-lost inhabitants in a state of stasis. But the systems are failing, and half a dozen have woken up. The planet below shows long dead bodies, poisoned by the scum of space, a species known as Gorgians.

Strangely, the few who have awakened are much smaller than their planetary predecessors. And not very intelligent.
Determined to believe the cute, tiny beings are not pets, the crew of Helian Six decides to train the small warriors to defend the planet. They become the laughingstock of patrol, however, after they commit and realize it will take twenty-two cycles to “rear” the inhabitants.

So they do what any intelligent males would do. Kidnap teachers. And if the females can’t manage to avert their eyes from their buff physiques, well, score!