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Gold Fever

by Ronnie Anderson on 2018-07-15

Gold Fever (45,835 words) The lure of gold has often driven men into dangerous places. It makes no difference if it is in the hills of California or the Asteroid Belt beyond Mars. The lure is all the same. Then again the dangers facing the miners of California were not hungry Reptoids looking for lunch!

Deidra Alpha

by Ronnie Anderson on 2018-06-11

Deidra Alpha (122,963 words) Deidra Alpha is an android based human. This is her and her clones story of their love for life.


by Ronnie Anderson on 2018-06-09

Metamorphosis (58,388 words) In a world of humanoid fantasy where mermaids fly and changelings step from the ocean to live as humans, life is not always what it seems. Lacy is one such creature unaware of what she really is.

Gargoyle Nights

by Ronnie Anderson on 2018-06-08

Gargoyle Nights (82,412 words) Does your mirror shriek when you look into it? Is school easy for you when it comes to your grades but terrible when it comes to your social life? Congratulations! You may just be a normal Gargoyle - Earth's first intelligent species trying to hide in a world of alien humanoid hybrids that currently think that this is their world!

Giant Bones

by Ronnie Anderson on 2018-05-31

Giant Bones (64,076 words) Legends of giants exist all over the Earth. Explanations for their existence are plentiful. This work of fantasy fiction uncovers yet another one of them. I would hate to think that it were true!

Blue Laws

by Ronnie Anderson on 2018-05-10

Blue Laws (54,787 words) When androids become lifelike enough to pass for humans the government in all of its wisdom mandates that all androids be chipped with behavioral chips to make them adhere to a moral code of conduct and their skin dyed blue so that they cannot pass themselves off for humans. Right! Like that's going to stay that way long!

The Reflection of Saturn

by Ronnie Anderson on 2018-03-25

The Reflection of Saturn (88,292 words) The Radio Relay Station in orbit of Saturn was the epitome of boredom as it served its job of relaying radio signals from spaceships in and around the Sol Solar system and the Centuari System. When new signals of an oncoming fleet of ships was found heading toward them boredom was the least of their worries as they feared that the invaders could be hostile. Mankind at this point in its history knew no war and had no defenses. What to do? Previously this novel was listed under the title of The Colony.

The Composite Assassins

by Ronnie Anderson on 2018-02-05

The Composite Assassins (46,508 words) Dr. Frankenstein created his monster just to find out if he could create life from death. The scientists and the Center for Cryogenic Research could create life from death; yet as a part of some overseeing government agency, could their motives be as noble as the mere advancement of science?

Reptoid Gold

by Ronnie Anderson on 2018-01-31

Reptoid Gold (129,361 words) is a space opera about normal life in space. This combination book contains the first two novels in a six novel series concerning mankind's deadliest enemy - Reptoids. This is not the typical space shoot-um-up where bodies pile up like volcanic ash over Pompeii. These novels are simply a future look at normal life in space as mankind tries to avoid being some Reptoid's lunch!

The Waiting Danger (Reptoid Book 2)

by Ronnie Anderson on 2018-01-31

The Waiting Danger (139,531 words) is the second in a trilogy of double books which cover the six novels in the Reptoid series. In this collection mankind finds itself moving further out toward the edge of our solar system and on a path to the Centauri system to colonize Proxima B. As with any plan things go wrong, especially when Reptoids are involved.

The Day of Awakening (Reptoid Book 3)

by Ronnie Anderson on 2018-01-31

The Day of Awakening (152,951 words) This double book is the last of the trilogy that deals with mankind's war with the Reptoids and finds a way to make peace with the interrelated creatures - yeah right!

Goddess of the Stars (Reptoid Book 1)

by Ronnie Anderson on 2018-01-28

Goddess of the Stars (45,835 words) When man moved into space wars between man for space on Earth became meaningless. Life in space became the norm. No longer did mankind have anything to fear from one another. Except for the Reptoids life was rather boring! This is an alternate title for the first novel in the six novel space opera series.