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Stolen By The Cursed Alien: A SciFi Alien Romance (Warriors of Valkred Book 2)

by Roxie Ray on 2019-11-07

A cursed prince can’t claim a mate…

And yet my blood sings for the human woman with a collar around her throat. Miranda is everything I dream of in a mate, and yet she can never be mine. A stupid act of misplaced nobility will see me dead in a matter of weeks, but even if I break my curse, the galaxy is still on the edge of war. I have a duty to find a traitor and stop the oncoming violence, but how can I do that when the only thing I want is my mate in my bed?

It’s no time to fall in love… and yet I can’t resist stealing my woman away from her captors and keeping her close.

I’m a long way from Earth and I don’t know how to get back…

I’m supposed to be home training my clients and writing music, not being bounced from alien to alien and planet to planet. I have to find a way to free myself, but every time I get close, something seems to stop me. When a mysterious alien prince snatches me from my latest captors I dare to hope I might be getting closer to freedom, but once we’re on his ship he’s taking me further into the galaxy than I’ve ever gone. Zark is trying to keep his distance, but we can’t resist each other, and soon I’m wondering if I need him more than I need to go home.

I have a few secrets of my own, and when he tells me everything it turns out I may be the only one who can save him. But will helping him cost me my freedom for good?

Her Alien Warrior Prince: A SciFi Alien Romance (Warriors of Valkred Book 1)

by Roxie Ray on 2019-09-30

Her scent tells me she's my mate. Her blood calls to me...

Carly is everything a Valkredian leader needs: stubborn, outspoken, and her body is temptation incarnate. She’s meant to be sold off at auction, but I’ll allow no one else to touch her. Her scent tells me she’s my mate, and her blood calls to me. But a Valkredian prince must always be in control and giving into her pulsing veins will cost more than my sanity.

I will protect the mate I’ve claimed and the people I rule. If a traitor wants to try me, I will bring down all of my wrath to make them pay.

I’m no one’s blood slave…

I never expected to wake up on a space station with a red collar around my throat. But when Akzun claims me for himself, I know I’m in a whole other kind of trouble. He’s as strong as they come, a leader of his people, and a man who makes me yearn. He wants my body and my blood, and I don’t know how I’m supposed to resist. I don’t know if I want to.

But when treachery on his planet puts us at risk, we’ll need to work together to stop a war. And the longer I’m at his side and in his bed, the clearer it becomes that I was made for him.

I don’t know how to be the mate of an alien vampire, but I’m going to have to learn if I want to see another sunset.