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Demanded by the Alien: A Sci-Fi Alien Romance (Rebels of Sidyth Book 4)

by Sabrina Kade on 2019-03-15

She knew she’d be providing services on demand—but she never considered what it might cost her.

Nothing in Dolan’s life is going well. He knows to the depths of his alien hearts that Layla is his Chosen mate. But the sarcastic, opinionated human woman doesn’t seem to realize how lucky she is to have caught his attention. Worse, his older brother Azan is driving him insane, treating him like a child rather than the warrior he knows he can be—despite being desperate to hide his one debilitating weakness.

Layla’s only goal is making enough money to care for her brother—even though she’s sure the money she sends isn’t reaching him. Annoyingly, the arrogant, frivolous alien Dolan keeps trying to convince her she’s his mate. She doesn’t have time for his antics. He’s no different from all the other people who have let her down.

But when bad weather traps them together overnight, Layla realizes Dolan’s cocky attitude hides more vulnerability than she ever imagined. Perhaps Layla can’t save everyone. But maybe she can find her own happiness by simply saving herself—with a little help from Dolan.

Demanded by the Alien, the sexy fourth book in the Rebels of Sidyth series, includes all your favorite features: it is free of any cheating, includes a guaranteed HEA and is great for readers who love a little sweet with their heat. Get your copy today!

Never Ashamed: A Sci-Fi Alien Romance (Chosen Narratives Book 3)

by Sabrina Kade on 2019-02-22

Happily Ever After isn’t an ending. It’s a choice.

Having finally accepted Chimase as her mate, Hollis believes she can relax into their life together. But she didn’t count on family ties almost undoing their love.

Hollis realizes that their relationship must undergo one final test when she finally meets Chimase’s father. She offers to play the role of a normal human slave, but Chimase refuses to agree to her plan—even when it leads to Chimase’s father demanding Hollis’s death.

Now Chimase must choose between a life with his own kind or loving Hollis in exile. If they’re to stay together, he may have to make his promise real: that he will be with her to the ends of the galaxy.

Never Ashamed is the final book in the spinoff series Chosen Narratives. Get your copy today!

Never Tamed: A Sci-Fi Alien Romance (Chosen Narratives Book 2)

by Sabrina Kade on 2019-02-08

He'll follow her into a frozen hell to prove she’s the one for him.

Having abandoned her former owner, Hollis reluctantly agrees to live in Chimase’s building. But to protect her fragile heart, she maintains a polite distance from the Sidyth. And when Hollis is confronted by Vydeka, a Sidyth female who claims Chimase as her own, she’s convinced her formal demeanor was the right move—even if it doesn’t keep her heart from breaking now.

With nowhere left to turn, Hollis sets out to find her owner. At least with him, she knows her heart is safe.

Chimase, however, has no intention of taking Vydeka as his mate—or of allowing Hollis to return to her old life. Even if it means tracking her to the coldest, least hospitable part of the country, he will convince her that he chooses her above all others. But first he’ll have to show her that if she opens up to him, she won’t be putting her heart at risk again.

Never Tamed is the second book in the Chosen Narratives trilogy. Get your copy today!

Never Blamed: A Sci-Fi Alien Romance (Chosen Narratives Book 1)

by Sabrina Kade on 2019-01-11

He’s always been told to follow the rules. It’s about time he followed his heart.

Abducted and living with an old, lonely alien was never Hollis’ plan, but the routine and security sure beat the crazy world outside. So, each day she survives. She stays safe. And that seemed like enough—right up until the moment a sexy, quirky alien literally crashes into her life.

Born into wealth, but not happiness, Chimase refuses to follow in his ancestor’s footsteps—so when he sees Hollis, he’s determined to make her his mate, even though she’s human. Worse, she already belongs to another and seems resigned to her fate. But Chimase knows they belong together, despite their differences.

And Chimase is about to show Hollis that just because she’s alive, doesn’t mean she’s living.

Never Blamed is the first book in the spinoff series Chosen Narratives. Get your copy today!

Promised: A Sci-Fi Alien Romance (Rebels of Sidyth Book 3)

by Sabrina Kade on 2018-12-14

They’re both battle-scarred—but her scars are on the inside.

Despite her tiny stature and sweet baby face, Ellis has always prided herself on being strong no matter what. Even as a call-girl on Hethdiss, she took care of herself. Until the night she was attacked by a renegade Sidyth.

Now she’s relying more than ever on the alien prince’s warrior Hujun, who’s assigned to watch over her, and she’s afraid she’s getting a little too used to depending on him for help—especially since he keeps saying he can never Choose her as a mate.

Hujun knows he’s not attractive to humans—he’s too alien, too scarred, and far too violent. That’s fine by him; he knows taking a mate would weaken him, and he lives for the kill. When his prince chooses to test him by assigning him to guard the tiny human woman, Hujun knows he can resist her.

Except he can’t resist her at all. He can’t Choose her, either. Ellis was traumatized by a violent Sidyth, and Hujun doesn’t know how to show his love for her except by killing her enemies. He’ll keep his promise to protect her—but that protection might just turn her away from him.

Promised, the hot new book in the Rebels of Sidyth series, includes all your favorite features: it can be read as a standalone, is free of any cheating, and includes a HEA. Get your copy today!

Decorated: A Sci-Fi Alien Romance (Rebels of Sidyth Book 2.5)

by Sabrina Kade on 2018-11-09

Santa Claus is coming to Hethdiss!

But the human women who love the Rebels of Sidyth are gearing up to spend the season walking through a wonderland of worries.

Newly pregnant, Blythe frets that she’s no longer respected or even liked among the community of human women.

York is concerned that because he knows she loves the holidays, Azan will go overboard trying to please her. Also, she suspects he might not fully understand the distinction between gifts and his own kind of “package.” It’s adorable—but it’s going to take some explaining.

Ellis is anxious that Hujun isn’t interested in her at all. He promised Prince Korben he’d keep her safe—but she fears that keeping his word to his prince is his only desire.

But when Ellis is attacked, all those concerns pale in comparison.

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas on Hethdiss will be something entirely new for everyone involved. Get your copy of book 2.5 in the Rebels of Sidyth series now!

Guarded: A Sci-Fi Alien Romance (Rebels of Sidyth Book 2)

by Sabrina Kade on 2018-10-19

Everyone’s always telling her to watch her mouth. Now she’ll have to watch his, too.

Sexy, smartass York lives for the thrill of anything new and exciting. Now, if she’s not careful, she might die for it, too. York knew her assignment on Hethdiss meant a whole new group of aliens and being a call-girl is never the safest of jobs.

But sexy, mysterious Azan is like no one she’s ever met. His heated gaze follows her wherever she goes, and she suspects the mask he wears hides more than his mouth—it protects his heart. York’s determined to learn the infuriating alien’s secrets. As a translator for the prince, Azan can speak over thirty languages. But his own native tongue is poison—literally. He knows better than to get too attached to the gorgeous human woman he’s hired. No one who sees what’s under his mask will ever want him as a mate.

He can’t send York away, no matter how often he tries, even though all he wants to do is protect her. But she’s about to name her poison…and it’s Azan, whether he likes it or not.

Guarded, the hot second book in the Rebels of Sidyth series, includes all your favorite features: it can be read as a standalone, is free of any cheating, and includes a HEA. Get your copy today!

Purchased: A Sci-Fi Alien Romance (Rebels of Sidyth Book 1)

by Sabrina Kade on 2018-09-07

The hulking alien who claimed me as his mate terrifies me—but he paid in advance.

Being sold to the highest bidder wasn’t originally in Blythe’s plans, but she desperately needed to make money to send home to her father. Now, though, she’s not sure the money ever reached him, and she’s left trying to survive. Until Korben comes along and makes her an offer she shouldn’t refuse.

Exiled to a lonely planet far from home, Prince Korben is nonetheless determined to prove that not all Sidyths are heartless and cruel. But when he sees Blythe, he knows he must make her his own. Unfortunately, his race’s reputation precedes him—and unless he’s careful, his desire might overcome his good intentions.

Can an exiled prince and a prostitute overcome their pasts and find the passion they’re destined to share?

Purchased, the sexy first book in the Rebels of Sidyth series, includes all your favorite features: it can be read as a standalone, is free of any cheating, and includes a guaranteed HEA with hot alien action. Get your copy today!

Educated: A Sci-Fi Alien Romance (Rebels of Sidyth Book 0)

by Sabrina Kade on 2018-08-20

No one plans on a career selling her body to aliens, no matter how good the money.  

But that’s where Arizona and Blythe ended up: entertaining high-spending aliens. Over the years, they’ve been hired as toys and pets, dolls and dogs.

But when a new job sends them to a planet of rebellious aliens, they discover they’ve landed the most unlikely of assignments.

A chance to speak. A chance to start over.

And while Arizona and Blythe appreciate opening up their pasts rather than their legs for a change, no assignment lasts forever. Will they be able to maintain their new positions as equals, or will it be business as usual as they’re sent back to the highest bidder?

“The only thing scarier than selling my body to alien was being told I no longer had to.”

Educated, the sexy new book in the Rebels of Sidyth series, includes all your favorite features: it can be read as a standalone, is free of any cheating, and includes a HEA. Get your copy today!