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Abducted: A Celestial Mates Reverse Harem Romance (Vakarran Captives)

by Sara Fields on 2018-07-14

They found her. They took her. Now they will claim her.

When I left Earth behind to become a Celestial Mate, I was promised a perfect match. But four Vakarrans decided they wanted me, and Vakarrans don't ask for what they want, they take it.

These fearsome, savagely sexy alien warriors don't care what some computer program thinks would be best for me. They've claimed me as their mate, and soon they will claim my body.

I planned to resist, but after I was stripped bare and shamefully punished, they teased me until at last I pleaded for the climax I'd been so cruelly denied. When I broke, I broke completely. Now they are going to do absolutely anything they please with me, and I'm going to beg for all of it.

Publisher's Note: Abducted is a stand-alone novel which is the third book in the Vakarran Captives series. It includes spankings, sexual scenes, intense and humiliating punishments, and strong D/s themes. If such material offends you, please don't buy this book.

Mastered: A Dark Sci-Fi Reverse Harem Romance (Vakarran Captives)

by Sara Fields on 2018-06-23

Over the years since the Vakarrans conquered Earth, the few humans who remain free have been living in hiding, biding our time, trying to survive, and waiting for our chance to strike back.

My sister was our leader, until the enemy took her. Now the task falls to me. But when I come face to face with four Vakarran warriors for the first time, it is nothing like what I expected…

Conquered: A Dark Sci-Fi Reverse Harem Romance (Vakarran Captives Book 1)

by Sara Fields on 2018-04-26

I’ve outwitted the ruthless Vakarrans time and time again over the years since they conquered Earth and enslaved most of humanity, but now it seems my luck has run out.

Caught at last by four of their warriors, I face an uncertain future. I know I must resist, escape, and then lead my little band of rebels to safety. But my captors have other plans for me…

Mated to the Dragons (Captive Brides Book 5)

by Sara Fields on 2018-02-21

Framed for a terrible crime and exiled from Earth, Jada Rivers has no idea what will become of her, but fate takes an unexpected twist when a pair of brothers choose her to be their bride.

Bruddis and Draego are intensely drawn to Jada’s beauty and feisty nature, but first, they must put her to the test. If she proves worthy, she will become their wife and the queen of Draegira.

But when the people who destroyed her life back on Earth demand even more from Jada, can her new mates protect her from the danger that threatens to tear her away from them forever?

Sold to the Beasts (Captive Brides Book 4)

by Sara Fields on 2017-11-24

Having grown up with parents who were more interested in their various criminal enterprises than they were in taking care of her, Michelle Carter is used to feeling unwanted, but it still hurts when she travels to another world as a bride for two men who turn out not to even want one.

Roan and Dane lost the woman they loved, and they swore there would never be anyone else, so when their butler and closest companion arranges for a beautiful human to be brought to them as a bride, they reject the match. But though they are cursed to live as men who shift into beasts, they are not heartless, so they offer Michelle a place in their home alongside their servants.

Despite her situation, Michele cannot help falling in love with the two handsome aliens, and they soon find that she has claimed a place in their hearts as well. But when the same enemy who took their first love threatens to tear Roan and Dane away from her, will Michele dare to intervene?

Taming Their Pet (Captive Brides Book 3)

by Sara Fields on 2017-09-01

Theirs to Tame. Theirs to Train.

When the scheming of her father's political enemies makes it impossible to continue hiding the fact that she is an unauthorized third child, twenty-year-old Isabella Bedard is sent to a detainment facility in deep space where she will be prepared for her new life as an alien's bride.

Her situation is made far worse after some ill-advised mischief forces the strict warden to ensure that she is sold as quickly as possible, and before she knows it, Isabella is standing naked before two huge, roughly handsome alien men, helpless and utterly on display for their inspection. More disturbing still, the men make it clear that they are buying her not as a bride, but as a pet.

Zack and Noah have made a career of taming even the most headstrong of females, and they waste no time in teaching their new pet that her absolute obedience will be expected and even the slightest defiance will earn her a painful, embarrassing bare-bottom spanking, along with far more humiliating punishments if her behavior makes it necessary.

Over the coming weeks, Isabella is trained as a pony and as a kitten, and she learns what it means to fully surrender her body to the bold dominance of two men who will not hesitate to claim her in any way they please. But though she cannot deny her helpless arousal at being so thoroughly mastered, can she truly allow herself to fall in love with men who keep her as a pet?

Publisher's Note: Taming Their Pet is a stand-alone novel which is the third book in the Captive Brides series. It includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don't buy this book.