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Arriving Soon


His To Save: A Post-Apocalyptic Alien Overlord Romance (New Earth Book 3)

by Selina Coffey on 2019-11-08

The truth is…
She’s beginning to fall for Rager, the alien overlord.
And now she’s carrying his baby.
The aliens hate her—they believe the baby should be pure blood.
The humans see her as a traitor.
She feels lost and doesn’t know where she belongs.
Maybe nowhere.

Then Rex took her.
He said he was saving her from the aliens.
But why is she so terrified of her highschool sweetheart?
Terrified of what he’s become.
Terrified of what he might do to her, to Rager, to their baby.
Now she’s questioning everything.
Can humans and aliens truly be in love?
Even if then can, can that love survive in this new world?

His To Mate: A Post-Apocalyptic Alien Overlord Romance (New Earth Book 2)

by Selina Coffey on 2019-11-01

Ann tried to love Rex.
Despite everything he did to her, the way he treated her.
He blamed her for marrying their alien overlord.
But Ann refused to believe that he could harbor this much spite and resentment.
Surely, deep down, he was that same childhood sweetheart she once knew.

She doesn’t want to love Rager.
She didn’t have any say in marrying him—he chose her.
But he’s been a surprisingly good husband... and a good lover.
He’s made her feel things that she’s never felt before.
He’s given her a good life.
He’s given her more than any human could really expect in this new world.

But can humans truly make good mates for Rager’s kind?
Rex clearly doesn’t think so, and many of Rager’s people agree.
Ann can’t help but wonder, are they right?