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Vrak's Bride: Mail Order Brides Alien Mate Romance (Galactic Brides Book 2)

by T.J. Quinn on 2018-07-30

The last thing Vrak had in mind was getting a wife to share the lonely life he had chosen for himself in Sumirion. But the minute he laid eyes on that human female, he knew his life had changed forever. But Aliyah wasn’t meant for him. She was contracted to be another man’s wife and his job was to deliver her to him.
Living on a devastated Earth, Aliyah is ready to leave. Her only way out is to join a Mail Order Bride Agency and marry an alien she has never seen. With almost no food and no medicines left, she doesn’t have much choice and after giving it some thought, she finally joined the agency.
A few weeks later she traveled to a planet called Sumirion to marry a warrior. By the time she arrived, she had second thoughts about the whole thing, though she had no other choice. Meeting Vrak only made things even harder for her. A terrible storm bought them a bit of time but it wasn’t enough. Vrak would face big trouble to get what he wants – his woman.

Kael's Quest: A Paranormal SciFi Alien Romance (New Earth Book 1)

by T.J. Quinn on 2018-07-01

Kael left Zuvrak for planet Earth with a few of his friends to search for their soulmates. When they were about to reach the planet, they were thrown into a black hole that destroyed their vessel and forced to leave it in escape pods.
Kael soon realized this planet wasn't the Earth his mother had described to him. People barely had any technology, and demons were hunting them, killing the men and stealing the women.Though at first Kael had no intention of intervening, he soon changed his mind, because the woman he was falling in love with was in danger.

Rader's Bride: Bonus: Alien Dream (Interstellar Matchmaking Book 2)

by T.J. Quinn on 2018-07-01

Skye Carter’s life changed abruptly when the Drayids attacked Earth and cut a one-mile section out of a dozen cities all over the world. The hole they cut in Washington, D.C. took out the bookstore/internet café business that she had worked five years to build. It was all gone, leaving her a mountain of debt. She decided to sell her house and look for a job to pay for her losses. Then she found an ad for the Narovian Interstellar Matchmaking Service. It promised a ninety-nine percent guaranteed her match would be her soulmate.
Rader Knight was a cyborg warrior in the Alliance Defense Force, retired after thirty years’ service to a backwater colony with a shortage of females. He applies to the service hoping they will find him a soul mate. After two years, they found Sky Carter, and she was willing to make a leap of faith and accept his proposal and take a three-month space journey to be his mate.
Did Skye Carter really know what she was getting herself into?

Argen Mate: An Alien Romance (Farseek Mercenary Series Book 5)

by T.J. Quinn on 2018-06-11

Argen Trematu was home on leave at Farseek Brigade when the Sargan’s attacked his home world. With Farseek in ruins, Argen was captured and sold into slavery. Lieutenant Commander Trematu didn’t make such a good slave and landed him on the Julconi prison planet fighting in the pit. He thinks his life is over until he learns the Farseek Mercenaries were on the way to the rescue. Argen never thought landing on the prison world would be his lucky break.
…. Then me meets her on the rescue ship.
Zoey Addison was kidnapped from Earth and rescued by the Farseek Mercenaries. She joined the Mercenaries with her three friends because she had nowhere else to go. Her friends all found their soul mates among the crew and Zoey was feeling left out.
….Until … Dressed in rags and so dirty she could barely discern what color he was, Argen walks up to her table and takes her hand. The attraction between them all most crackles.…

Jarcor Returns: A Scifi Cyborg Romance Series (The Cyborns Reborn Book 5)

by T.J. Quinn on 2018-06-03

After four years living on Arcadia, Jarcor decided it was time to go back to Earth to find Sabrina and try to convince her to come to Arcadia with him. But the first thing he found out about her was that she had a little girl. Sure, she had moved on and forgotten him, he didn’t insist on seeing him when she avoided meeting him. But her daughter had other plans and soon he was discovered she was his daughter too. Passion between them flared as if they had never been apart. Convincing her to go to Arcadia with him wasn’t as hard as he thought it would be but convincing her to stay might not be as easy. Given a second chance, he planned to use it to seduce her and convince her she couldn’t live without him anymore. But unexpected events turned their lives upside down and only a miracle would make them right again.

Jaed: A Science Fiction Cyborg Romance Story (The Cyborgs Reborn Series Book 4)

by T.J. Quinn on 2018-05-30

Jaed Tossed out of a Taucet’s vessel, Jaed found himself wounded and under the protection of a human female. She had found him on the snow, right after a big storm hit her small farm. She took care of him, giving him the needed time for his nanocybots to heal him and put him back on his feet. Certain the army would come for him as soon as the storm faded away, he didn’t try to escape, at least, not until he realized going back wasn’t an option. He had found love and he wasn’t willing to lose it.

Kahm: Mail Order Brides Alien Mate (Galactic Brides Book 1)

by T.J. Quinn on 2018-03-04

Intergalactic Mail Order Bride Agency offers young women escape from war ravaged Earth if they will marry an alien sight unseen.
Selena finally accepts her only chance of survival for her and her family remains in that offer and she agrees to become a maid order bride.
After a long journey, she finally arrived to Sumirion, the planet where her new husband awaits for her. He is nothing like what she had expected, but she can’t help feeling immediately attracted by him.
The passion between them was immediate and powerful and all seemed to go better than her wildest dreams when a woman from his past showed up to stir things up.
Would their passion be enough to keep them together?

Korjh's Bride: A Cyborg's Mail Order Bride (Interstellar Matchmaking Book 1)

by T.J. Quinn on 2018-03-04

Life for Zara Maple’s wants to escape her lackluster life and find her soulmate so she applies to the interstellar Narovian Matchmaking Service which finds people’s soulmates based on genetics. Korjh a Narovian cyborg retired from battle, once a full human, longs a family of his own like the one he lost as a boy in an alien invasion.
Retired to a backwater colony of Modonne where he can’t get a date because he is cyborg, he applies to the Matchmaking service to find his genetic complement, his soulmate, because unlike Narovian felines he cannot recognizes his fated mate. After two years they find him a mate on that “dirt” planet recently recognized by the Alliance.
Cyborgs are dangerous, aren’t they? Only an ignorant human from a planet called Earth (translated as dirt” would come across two sectors to Modonne to mate with a cyborg. But to her he seems warm and caring and so attractive as they correspond. Of course, it can’t be quite that easy. While Korjh can be sweet and considerate, he can also be scary and aggressive.
Was he the man of her dreams or nightmares?

Bloodlust: An Alien Vampire Romance (The Dark World Series Book 3)

by T.J. Quinn on 2018-02-26

Being forced to give up her baby was one of the most heart wrenching experiences of Dakota’s life. After hunting for years, her dreams come true when she discovers him in a children’s home. Only he’s had a rough start in life and trouble trusting in her love.
Finally finding her true love and her son should make her the happiest woman in the world. It would have, only now an unseen danger is lurking in the darkness, threatening all that she loves.
They’ll have to stick together and pool their resources if they want to win the only battle that really matters in live, the one to keep her family together

Bretdon: A Cyborg's fighting machine first and only Mate (The Cyborgs Reborn Book 3)

by T.J. Quinn on 2018-02-12

Bretdon hasn’t considered escaping.
Of course, that idea has always been in his mind, especially ever since he heard about Jarcor and all of the other cyborgs that had managed to escape.
But, when he finds himself alone, in the middle of the woods, his desire to escape becomes the only thing he can think of. All he needs is to find someone he can persuade into helping him to free himself from the humans’ enslavement.
Ophelia is crossing the country to go visit her mother. With the world at war, it’s not the most sensible idea she has ever had, but she hadn't been able to continue saying no to her mother.
On a minute of distraction, she runs over a man on the road. Startled, she steers the wheel and jumps out of the car sure she has killed the stranger.
But he isn’t dead. He’s very much alive and he’s a cyborg.
From that moment on, their lives intertwine in ways they never thought possible.

Contains extended preview of Farseek - Lieutenant's Mate

Her Alien Trader: Celestial Alien Mates (Narovian Mates Series Book 99)

by T.J. Quinn on 2018-02-11

Renan Garr, a wealthy Narovian trader paid the match making service to find his genetic mate on Earth. Alien pirates illegally obtained a list of some of these Earther matches and kidnapped them, holding them for ransom to there Narovian mates. After Alliance Law Enforcement rescued them, the Earther matches had the choice whether to meet their genetic mates. Kelly Richards met Renan on a com connection but wasn’t sure she wanted to be mated to a man who wanted her to live on Narova. When she didn’t respond after a few weeks, Renan takes matters into his own hands.

Previously publish with asin B074RLT2R7

Farseek Sahvin's Mate: SFR Alien Mates Romance (Farseek Mercenary Series Book 3)

by T.J. Quinn on 2018-02-01

* * * re released with new content * * *

Sahvin Kazza, a Narovian feline humanoid was an alien undercover on Earth when he was kidnapped by alien slavers thinking he was human. He was sold into slavery and sent to the mines on Breskaa where he thought his life would end.

Enter the Farseek Mercenaries, who are traveling through the Sargus Empire, searching for their stolen people who were kidnapped from Farseek and sold into slavery throughout the Empire. The mercenaries hate slavers and slavery, so while they are freeing their enslaved people, they free all the slaves on Breskaa. Savin readily agrees to go with them.

Nora Reed has also been kidnapped from Earth by Alien Slavers and now she is working for the mercenaries recording the refugees as they come aboard Dreadnaught One. Known for the irresistible pheromones felines give off when they find their soulmates, Nora is stunned when Sahvin's innocent touch sets off an uncontrollable urge to mate with him.

From there things heat up.

Contains explicit mature scenes.

Captain Lucas Jarcor: A Cyborg's fighting machine first and only Mate - Contains an extended preview of Bretdon Book #3 in the series (The Cyborgs Reborn 1)

by T.J. Quinn on 2018-01-15

Humans had finally made it. They had found the way to create the perfect soldier, part human part machine, able to heal itself and fight for the sake of humankind. They developed a high technology using nanocybots to enhance the soldiers from their embryonic stage.

But it took them too long to see the results of this fabulous technology, so they decided to try it in an adult soldier, a man wounded in the battlefield. The transformation was a total hit.
What they didn’t expect was not being able to fully control the new cyborg.
This is the story of Jarcor, a man turned into a cyborg and who quickly became the leader of the unprotected and mistreated cyborgs.

This book contains an extended preview of Bretdon Book #3 in the series

Anubis Bride: Alien Mates (Alien Egyptians gods series Book 1)

by T.J. Quinn on 2018-01-08

Ancient Egypt… The first Gisa Pyramid was being built when God Anubis decided to visit the planet to check on it. For centuries, he and his family had been guiding the Egyptians towards a life style so far unknown to those living on the small blue planet.

But this time, his visit hid a special motif.

Aneksi tried to feel as excited as all the rest of the girls in town for the emissary’s visit. She wasn’t as convinced as everybody else of the god’s power or even their will to protect her people. She had seen too many injustices, too many unforgivable acts that made her doubt about the god’s existence.
Despite her disbelief, she was summoned to become the emissary’s company and though she wished she could say no, her people’s tradition wouldn’t let her to. But that wouldn’t have stopped her, if she actually hated the man… another force, one she couldn’t even explain or describe was the one making her say yes…
Passion and desire had been rushing through her whole body ever since she had laid her eyes on him, and she couldn’t wait to see where that would take her…

Farseek - Commanders Mate: SFR Alien Mates (Farseek Mercenary Series Book 99)

by T.J. Quinn on 2018-01-08

Tyema Reznar, a Narovian feline was kidnapped from Earth and sold into slavery in Sargus Empire. A Narovian agent stationed on Earth by the Alliance to fight human trafficking by alien slavers, she is not about to accept her fate without a fight. That fight lands her on the prison planet Julconi where she believes she is going to die the first day. On Julconi there are no guards and no rules just imates who rule by suvival of the fitest. Though a trained warrior, Tyema is only on woman.

Then she picks up a scent that stuns her. There is a man in that fearsome crowd around the landing pad who is her meomee, her soulmate. He is Lieutenant Commander Faigon Nesgatu, a Farseek Mercenary sent to Julconi to locate people who were taken from his world by the Sargan's. Tyema is his solmatu, the Uatu equivalent of soulmate. Normally a joyous event, this couldn't have happened at a worse time.

Faigon and his team are busy infiltrating the prison population to locate their people and any others worthy of assylum on Farseek. But now he is overcome by Tyema's feline pheromones and must mate with her frequently to quiet them, and time is running out to complete the mission.

Farseek Shavin's Mate: SFR Alien Mates Romance (Farseek Mercenary Series Book 3)

by T.J. Quinn on 2018-01-08

Savin Kazza, a Narovian feline humanoid was an alien undercover on Earth when he was kidnapped by alien slavers thinking he was human. He was sold into slavery and sent to the mines on Breskaa where he thought his life would end.

Enter the Farseek Mercenaries, who are traveling through the Sargus Empire, searching for their stolen people who were kidnapped from Farseek and sold into slavery throughout the Empire. The mercenaries hate slavers and slavery, so while they are freeing their enslaved people, they free all the slaves on Breskaa. Savin readily agrees to go with them.

Nora Reed has also been kidnapped from Earth by Alien Slavers and now she is working for the mercenaries recording the refugees as they come aboard Dreadnaught One. Known for the irresistible pheromones felines give off when they find their soulmates, Nora is stunned when Sahvin's innocent touch sets off an uncontrollable urge to mate with him.

From there things heat up.

Contains explicit mature scenes.

Vampire Brotherhood: a Prequel to The Dark World Series

by T.J. Quinn on 2017-12-03

Short Introduction to the Dark Worlds Series
Read 10,000 words of epic world building!
Squeaky and Alex are just two out of thousands of aliens who ended up on earth after the Alien Wars. One is a vampire prime who landed on his feet, was awarded war honors and earned a place in human society. His wealthy, privileged life is turned upside down when he’s abducted in broad daylight.
Squeaky was not so fortunate. Growing up on an alien slave ship, he suffered starvation. His smaller body and delicate features mark him out as weak among his vampire brethren. He’s had to scrape and claw a meager existence out on a world bursting with excess. When his employer demands he abduct a fellow vampire, it weighs heavy on his conscious. Yet, how can he refuse knowing his innocent new bride will pay the price for his refusal?
Enter Dakota Davenport. She’s one of the nation’s most prominent hunters and she’s been retained to find Alex at all costs. What nobody knows, is that a crazed killer harboring a genuine hatred against aliens is intent on killing him in the slowest and most painful way possible.

The Hunt for a Vampire: An Alien Vampire Romance (The Dark Series Book 1)

by T.J. Quinn on 2017-12-03

Dakota is wealthy, famous and adored hunter. She is also lonely, driven and tortured by memories of the people she wasn’t able to save. Hunting as a profession slowly evolved from the concept of private investigators as the needs of the citizenry outstripped the capacity of public law enforcement's ability to solve crimes. Over the last ten years tremendous increases in crimes related to the manufacture and sell of designer drugs brought every major law enforcement agency to its knees. The devastating effects of theses potent illicit drugs on the general population outweighed almost every other consideration for law enforcement agencies.

Dakota’s specialty is finding missing persons and she hunts them with a passion. Her success rate is the highest in the country making her name and face one of the most recognizable in the field. Her services were in high demand but rather than prioritizing the rich and famous she tends to take cases for the most vulnerable such as children and newcomers because they were the ones least likely to be found through more tradition methods.

She quickly becomes engulfed in the toughest case of her career when a wealthy local area businessman is abducted. Alek Sharden is the owner of a large tech firm and leads a quiet nondescript life revolving around the care of his two adolescent daughters. Now it’s a race against the clock to bring one vampire back to his family before his precious life gets snuffed out.

Rafaroy: A Cyborg's fighting machine first and only Mate (The Cyborgs Reborn Book 2)

by T.J. Quinn on 2017-11-27

Earth was attacked by the Taucets, an alien race, determined to steal the planet from us. Forced to fight against a powerful enemy, humans created the cyborgs: enhanced human warriors, but they soon forgot about the human part of these powerful warriors.

Enslaved by the humans and forced to act against their will, the cyborgs quickly rebelled and started to escape the human’s oppression. Rafaroy is one of them. Helped by a human woman,he escapes during the invasion from a Taucets’colony,but gets injured on his way out.

Elena, a human female enslaved by the Taucets, uses the attack on the colony she’s in, to escape both the humans and the Taucets, just to fall prisoner of the sensuous cyborg she bumps into on her escape. They go through a journey not only of escape but also of self-knowledge as they act on the potent attraction between them.

2017 Holiday SFR Anthology Soulmates Edition: Aliens and Cyborgs and Drogons ohhhh my

by T.J. Quinn on 2017-11-13

A great collection of SFR books, Just for the 2017 Holiday

T.J. Quinn: Khajal , Cuylers Medieval Adventure
A.J. Daniels: Alien Bride , Alien COnvict
Clarissa Lake: Dream Alien, Alien Alliances
Chritine Myers: Surviving Zeus Mar

Farseek - Lietenant's Mate: SFR Alien Mates: Bonus Surviving Zeus Mar (Farseek Mercenary Series Book 2)

by T.J. Quinn on 2017-11-09

Lieutenant Commander Pyrron Advantu, right hand man and friend to Commander General Maktu of the Farseek Brigade is a man used to getting what he wants as are the men and women of the Farseek Brigade. Until their world was left in ruin they were the Transtellar Consortium’s most elite and formidable warriors. Each of their ten dreadnaught starships carried a dual force of star warriors and ground fighters.
Outraged that the Consortium knew of the attack on Farseek and kept that knowledge from the Brigade fighting for them on a distant front, the Farseek warriors withdrew from the Consortium to become the Farseek Mercenaries. The high paying rescue of a world governor’s daughter and her companion was their first mission. A mission they took to finance the search for their stolen people. Only they didn’t just rescue the two people. They rescued 100 women stolen from their worlds including four from Earth.
The last thing Commander Maktu expected was to find his solmatu or soulmate among them---nor did Pyrr Avantu. Although the timing was all wrong, nothing had ever felt so right. What kind of life could they make together in the face of the mission they had sworn to complete? Would he live to return to Farseek to make a home with the woman who claimed his heart and soul? Or were these blissful times in her arms all they would ever have?

Khajal: A Cyborg's fighting machine first and only Mate (The Cyborgs Reborn)

by T.J. Quinn on 2017-10-29

Planet Earth was invaded by an alien race, the Taucets.
Humans fought back, especially with their cyborgs, warriors conceived to fight tirelessly against their alien enemies. Unfortunately, humans decided cyborgs should be considered machines enslaved to their masters and forgotten they were mostly humans.
In no time this new race was struggling to free themselves from human's yoke this is the story of Khajal, a fugitive cyborg

Cuyler's: Drogon's Medieval Adventure: A Historical Celestial Mates SciFi (Chimera Drak Mates Book 1)

by T.J. Quinn on 2017-10-03

New Ending to the story in 2nd edition
The Drogon homeworld is on the verge of destruction, which forces the whole species into unknown adventures to find a new homeworld. Four vessels depart the dying planet when the wave of a planetary explosion sends all the ships in different directions.

This is the story of Cuyler the drogon's king and his journey to find a new homeworld, only to discover most of the female population was abroad one of the missing ships.

In their search for women, the drogons arrive in medieval England and after a few adventures, they are able to go back home with their soulmates and the promise of getting more females for their people

Alien Convict: An Alien Mates Adventure SFR (Bureau of Taron Alien Affairs Book 1)

by T.J. Quinn on 2017-09-28

Alone in the world with his two small daughters, Andrew never thought he would face prosecution for something that is considered commonplace for his kind on every world spinning. Every world, except Earth, that is. Only when law enforcement forced the door of his private residence open and unthinkable happens does it become real for him. Locked behind bars in a human jail for a crime he didn’t commit is nothing short of infuriating. Seeing no way out, the fury slowly turns to hopelessness.

All young, hungry attorneys are looking to make a name for themselves. None more fiercely than the woman who’s thrown herself, full force into the alien rights movement. Bumping headlong in the opportunity of a lifetime, she eagerly steps up. Her firm is intent on grabbing their fair share of glory at the epicenter of the alien rights movement. Their combined ambitions are huge. We want to go down in human history as the people who took the bull by the horns and wrestled this issue to the ground. Racing the clock to litigate this ground breaking case; Danielle can’t afford to let any distractions get in the way, especially not her irresistible sexy client.

Alien Bride: An Alien Mates Adventure SFR (Taron Invasion Series)

by T.J. Quinn on 2017-09-13

Captured by aliens, one Navy Seal earns his Trident by fighting the big blue freaks every step of the way back to Earth. Watching them conquer one planet after another, and enslaving the inhabitants sparks a white hot fury deep in his gut. Vowing to take them down at any cost, he formulates a plan. It may not be a particularly good one, but it’s the best of very limited options.
Spending years aboard the alien vessel, Nick slowly gathers intel on the enemy, catalogues every minor weakness, and convinces many of his fellow slaves to revolt. Will his best effort be enough to turn the tides once the fleet of alien ships stop in a holding pattern just outside Earth’s orbit?

On an alien vessel were women are scarce and their company is considered a gift from the gods, one woman stands alone. Despised by her masters because of her mixed heritage, she has always been marginalized and insulted. Fellow slaves see her as a reminder that one in their midst opened herself to an overlord. It makes them uncomfortable. None wish to share their bed or protection with such a blatant reminder of their oppression.
Stowing away on a Taron scout ship, she hopes to slip away unnoticed. Instead she is snared by yet another being wishing to own her mind, body and soul. In the blink of eye, her life changes when Nicholas Blake walks into the room. He’s the kind of male, she always dreamed of meeting; kind, protective, and so incredibly handsome. She wonders if he can see her as a potential mate, or must she resign herself to suffering unrequited feelings for him from afar.

Taron Invasion: An Alien Mates Adventure SFR (Taron Invasion Series Book 1)

by T.J. Quinn on 2017-09-12

Born and raised aboard a Taron mother ship, Tham burns for the freedom he’s never known. Walking with his feet planted on the ground, a breeze blowing gently through his hair and his little one free of the alien slave collar around her neck. That was a dream worth surviving the dark times to see. Freedom for his little one was even worth dying for, in Tham’s humble opinion. Waiting for months, he bided his time. When the resistance gave the signal for them to move, his small resistance cell made their escape to the world below. Earth was a strange name for such a beautiful world, where the sky was blue, the oceans lapped against the shore and beautiful women lined up to feed the Vampiere. It was so strange that he couldn’t quite get his mind around it. Nor did he have to worry about such things, for the Taron invasion fleet was at their backs.

Pulling core samples in the Painted Desert, Charlene saw what appeared to be a meteor going down in the distance. Intrigued, she raced to the crash site, only to discover it wasn’t a meteor. It looked like some sort of strange shuttle craft. The creatures hiding nearby, we nothing like what she expected aliens to be. Their pointed ears and sharp incisors were a mystery. Discovering they subsisted on blood promptly solved the mystery. To discover they were actually Earth’s allies in a coming war of biblical proportions, was almost more than even her scientific mind could process in one day. Can they warn Earth’s governments in time to mount a defense? Charlene finds herself wondering if they can mount an effective defense against technologically superior alien invaders. What she does know is, compassion is multiplying in her heart for the survivors who’ve endured years of slavery and abuse at the hands of the Taron. Maybe, she can least protect these few. Little does she know, the desperate slaves will rain down in numbers no one is expecting.

A Drogons' Fate Epilogue: Epilogue (A Drogons Fate Series Book 6)

by T.J. Quinn on 2017-09-05

This boxset contains the epilogs of our endeared couples. Plus a bonus book from a new collaboration with A.J. Daniels.

You should not purchase this book if you have not previously read any of the Drogons' Fate series.

Farseek - Commanders Mate: SFR Alien Mates (Farseek Mercenary Series Book 1)

by T.J. Quinn on 2017-08-16

While they were fighting the Consortium's war against the Sargus Empire far from their home world, the Sargus Empire attacked Farseek, leaving mass destruction in its wake. Only about a dozen survivors remained to tell what happened---a dozen of over a million. Those who weren't killed were taken to become slaves of the Empire. As the story opens, Commander General Zared Maktu has found the piles of wreckage that is all that's left of his family's neighborhood.

Nothing the Consortium has to offer can compensate what was lost. Time for the company of Farseek Dreadnought One to make a new plan. They must find those who were taken alive and bring them home. After terminating their contract with the Consortium, they take a job to rescue a governor's daughter stolen to be sold into slavery.

Commander Maktu doesn't just rescue the Governor's daughter and her companion. He and his company take all the 100 abductees from the auction house. Only two are from Farseek, but there are four unusual females from a planet called Earth---and one of them is his fated mate Harper Avery. Things heat up from there.

Colborn - Drogon Healer - SciFi Alien Soul Mates Romance (A Drogons Fate Series Book 5)

by T.J. Quinn on 2017-08-09

Gil Ra looked around trying to put on a good face and a bright smile.

This was supposed to be a second chance in life. But she couldn’t stop thinking about the past and what she had left behind.

Being abducted by aliens sounded so much like the title of a cheap sci-fi movie, and yet it had happened to her. That night, when she had decided she couldn’t take it any longer, the mocking, the loneliness and the feeling she had failed the only person that depended on her completely had become overwhelming, and that night she had decided to end it all.

She had left everything ready, no unfinished matters, no one to worry about her and surely no one to mourn her. And so, she had walked in the middle of the night, to the highest bridge she was able to find near the tiny room, she had been living in.

She walked out to the middle of the bridge un-spotted, or so she had thought . . . . . . . . . .

Brynjar - Drogon King - SciFi Alien Soul Mates Romance: Bonus:Dream Alien: Celestial Alien Mates (A Drogons Fate Series Book 4)

by T.J. Quinn on 2017-07-14

Brynjar, King of the Drogon Empire is pleased that Asgar has brought a new group of female humans to help them save their dying race. But he is also disappointed there is no soulmate for him. Or is there? That scent, he would know it anywhere? Is his mind playing tricks on him or is Asgar holding out on him?

The Slythonians never intended to take Eleanor confined to a wheel chair since childhood. But they could leave no witness behind.They weren't going to sell her to the Drogan's because she was "damaged" goods. Only, her best friend has other ideas...

Alien Alliances: Celestial Alien Mates (Narovian Mates Series Book 2)

by T.J. Quinn on 2017-05-17

..The United Alliance of Worlds has been protecting and visiting Earth for centuries. Star ship Raptor One carries a crew of humans and feline humanoids. The Narovian felines can and have interbred with humans during all that time. Many felines have found their true mates among the Earthers. Immediately on recognition, the felines give off pheromones that cause their true mates to desire them sexually so intensely that they must mate almost immediately.

Once Narovians started finding their meomee or true mates there a savvy businessman found away to profit from it. The Narovian Genetic Matchmaking Agency has set up shop on Earth, under the guise of genetic testing for ancestral origins and genetic markers for disease. This brings a new set of challenges to the crew of Raptor One under feline Captain Dargan Merrek as they protect Earth from alien hostiles amid sexy encounters with true mates.

NO cliff hanger

Haakon, The Drogon Prince: SciFi Alien Soul Mates Romance (A Drogons Fate Series Book 2)

by T.J. Quinn on

The Slythonians are an alien race well know for capturing the best female breeders in the galaxy.

When women are abducted from Earth by alien slavers to be sold as sex slaves they think their lives are over.

Rosalind is acquired by Haakon, The Drogon Prince to be a breeder

Join me and let's find out what happens