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Arriving Soon


Return (Part 2 of The Arcanian Chronicles Book 4)

by Toni V. Sweeney on 2018-05-14

In an attempt to clear himself of the charges causing his exile, Aric kan Ingan returns to Arcanis and immediate arrest. Saved from execution by his cousin Pallas, he finds himself owing her a debt for which she expects more than his gratitude.

Marrying Pallas means giving up Susan but it also will regain Aric what he desires—the Throne of Arcanis, and revenge against TAS. More is at stake than just Aric's vengeance, however, for former best friend Eby is not only TAS' right-hand man but a rival for Pallas' affections.

Will Aric give up his happiness to protect his sovereign…or will he return to Susan, again become an exile, and leave his cousin a victim of rebel vengeance?

Whichever choice he makes, it will affect the entire planet as well as the lives of Arcanians as yet unborn.