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The Unique Solution: A Dozen Worlds Romance

by Val Roberts on 2018-07-27

With no home, no family, and her grand plot an utter failure, Talyn Penthes emigrates to Garnford Major and goes back to her roots, remaking all those Zonan craft projects she was always pulled away from.

Sharif Tanaka Six-Alpha is worried. One of five clones of the chief exec of the Hauptmann cartel, which essentially runs the Garnford system, the highest-tech of the Dozen Worlds, he knows there’s a problem in the R&D department, as there doesn’t seem to be any innovation happening anymore.

Once back home, he learns that the cloned DNA is failing, and Tanaka generation five is fading fast so he’s running out of time to fix things. And on top of that, a series of suspicious accidents might mean one of Six-Alpha’s cloned brothers is trying to kill him—he’s not sure of it, but Talyn is (and she has experience).

It will take both working together to break the Garnford system out of its self-imposed deep freeze – if Talyn can keep Six-Alpha alive until the board meeting so she can put her Unique Solution into effect and save both Hauptmann and the man she loves.

Blade's Edge: A Dozen Worlds Romance Novel (The Dozen Worlds Book 1)

by Val Roberts on 2018-07-06

Sometimes getting in bed with the enemy gives you the edge you need...

For Zonan Silvergard Commander Taryn Penthes, an assignment to escort a group of Bariani diplomats seems routine-until the party is ambushed. And when she realizes the attacker she just killed is the Zonan Crown Prince's lover, political winds shift.

Now she's in a race to get the surviving diplomat to safety-while using whatever means necessary to find out what he knows.
Blade Von Stassos isn't all that surprised at the assassination attempt a mere fifteen minutes after he arrives in the Zonan capital. What does surprise him is the ferocious, deadly skill with which Taryn protects him. With no choice but to follow her lead, he tries to ignore the instincts telling him he's finally found a worthy consort in her. Which comes as a surprise, since he's not long on trust when it comes to women or Zonans.

Forced into an uneasy alliance, Blade and Taryn first seduce each other for information, unleashing sizzling attraction that can't be denied, even if they're each other's worst enemy. As the balance of power shifts around them, the only way to stay alive is to find out who wants them dead. And why...

Warning: Contains one 150-pound housecat, political intrigue, cave sex, one homicidally inclined royal, more political intrigue, monkish eyeliner, off-planet political intrigue, blasters, and fur blankets. Author is not responsible for a sudden desire to adopt big cats, have sex underground, or purchase fur blankets.