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H.E.R.S: Tessandra Young Series

by Yalu Taylors on 2018-04-29

A lot has happened to me over the last few months. I found out I was living a complete lie, my parents were fakes, everything I thought I knew about who I am, was nothing more than some sick scientist’s idea of an experiment. I was left hating the world. Then I met these really cool guys with superpowers. Hunter, Braydon, Quinn, Phoenix, Ace, Kalum, Declan, Zack and Zayne.
I'm a superpowered woman, fighting the good fight, trying to keep my freedom. With the help of my boyfriends, I do everything I can to survive the harsh reality that is my life, enduring betrayals among our own, Government organisations chasing us and mad scientists messing with our minds.
One of my guys left me with a tough decision to make, but can I really walk away from someone I care about? Or can I find a way to live with his betrayal?

This is the third book in the Tessandra Young series.
This series is a reverse Harem (RH) one girl Multiple guys.
Contains sex scenes, violence, magic and mayhem

O.U.R.S (Tessandra Young Series Book 2)

by Yalu Taylors on 2018-02-20

months ago my life was normal, well as normal as someone who's had visions her whole life can get. I went to school, I came home to my happily married parents house. I had an awesome car, a 1968 Shelby GT500, yeah you read that right. A seventeen year old girl with an old school muscle car, talk about a dream come true. But she's not in the best of shape now, neither am I, everything in my life went to hell. A few weeks before my senior year started I found out my best friend moved away. My parents weren't really my parents and my cousin the douche bag Peter wasn't related to me. No instead my whole life was a lie or to be more specific, my whole life was an experiment.
I was left hating the world. Then I met these really cool guys with super powers. Okay so they aren't super heroes who go around saving the world but they did save my life a time or two. Oh and did I mention we blew up a freak show lab? I had my memory stolen three bloody times. Can you believe that? First time was because Peter wanted me as a breeding partner. As far as I'm aware I'm the only living female test subject.
Hunter, Braydon, Zack and Zayne are wonderful guys, my best friends and did I mention we are dating. We've been officially dating for four months now and things are going well, I'm still unsure how this will work with four of them and only one of me but we'll figure it out. Well that is if we can all survive.
This is book 2 in the Tessandra Young Series
This series is a reverse Harem (RH) one girl Multiple guys.
Contains a sex scene, violence, magic and mayhem enjoy 

J.O.Y: Tessandra Young Series

by Yalu Taylors on 2018-01-02

So I find out I'm adopted, my car gets wrecked, school sucks, well it does until I meet these really cool guys who help me realize I'm something way more than a boring human.