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Across Our Stars: Victor

by A. Payne on

Doctor Victor del Toro escaped a childhood on the streets to become one of the Navy's leading cyberneticists. The Royal Marines are his family, but few know that his career is a comfort from his turbulent past. As danger rises in the galaxy, citizens of the Empire vanish at an astounding rate -- each victim the recipient of a cybernetic part.After enlisting to escape her domineering family, Zoe Raines risked her life to save a fellow marine, sacrificing a limb in the process. Now, her new prosthetic places her under Doctor del Toro's watchful eye, and she's become one of the best snipers the galaxy has to offer. With Zoe as the doctor's empathetic ear and the gun to guard his back, he must discover the whereabouts of the missing cyborgs before it becomes too late for one more colony. colony.