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Arriving Soon


SCS Darkstar (Astrogator Book 9)

by A.C. Ellas on 2017-11-24

When the long-extinct Rovania are found still alive, steps are taken to integrate them into the modern age. When the newly commissioned Space Corps Ship Dark Star reaches Earth to pick up crew, Astrogator Cai and Captain Nick Steele come face to face with a dream made real—actual, living Rovania.

Veloki has no interest in abiding by the wishes of his su-periors, he wants a human to play with, and the other Rovania feel likewise. Within hours of arriving on Dark Star, they agree to catch themselves some humans and show them what the Rovania do for fun. There’s more than one way to integrate.

Elefteria (Rovani Chronicles Book 4)

by A.C. Ellas on 2017-10-27

George Tavlakis is attending college part time so that his Rovani, Yeraki, can actually earn a degree (in music, of course, but also in physics). They meet a girl who isn’t after fame and fortune and unexpectedly fall in love with her. George proposes—with Yeraki’s urging—and a traditional Greek wedding ensues.

Chroma Kokkino (Rovani Chronicles)

by A.C. Ellas on 2017-10-13

According to the Breedmasters of the Rovanis species, Veloki is aberrant because he doesn’t have an active sex drive. Mark thinks the young male is just suffering from the trauma of the massacre that had brought the Rovania from Greece to a safe place where they could hide in Colorado. The Breedmasters agree, but if Veloki doesn’t recover soon, they’ll drop him from consideration as a future breeder. Even in freedom, the Breedmasters still control their creation, and they will only breed the very best.

Mark sets about wooing the skittish Veloki with love and patience as his main assets. Will Mark succeed in proving to Veloki that his love is true? Or will the Breedmasters deem Veloki a freak and deny him the chance to ever become a stud?