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She Is the End (The Vada Chronicles Book 1)

by A.C. Weston on 2018-03-01

Earth is a resort planet for the rich and powerful of Vada, a coalition of planets newly freed from the strange aliens who once harvested humans to colonize the galaxy. The head of the coalition is the queen of the planet Arden, Relai Aydor.

She is a tyrant. She has murdered scores of the most oppressed people on Arden, and one has escaped and tracked her down to the wine-drenched countryside of Earth. Milo Hemm will have justice… if he can resist the pull of revenge.

But the queen is not the queen.

Now Milo and Relai will have to join forces with two Ardenian guards and a shady bartender to find a way off of this inexplicable, ignorant planet to bring down those ruling in her name. The freedom of Earth might hang in the balance, but Relai has bigger things to worry about…

With deep character relationships developed through thrilling action and humor, She Is the End begins an epic trilogy about trust and doubt, justice and mercy, friendship and love.