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Arriving Soon


Seriously, Vampires?

by A.J. Mills on 2018-11-15

Young Jillian Reynolds is fatally injured in an automobile accident and her world as she knows it is about to change forever. Loner, Thadeus O’Myer happens upon the wreckage and is swayed by Jillian’s distraught mother to help save her only child. Thadeus whisks Jillian away, taking her to the nearest hospital where she almost succumbs to her injuries, but Thadeus has a secret and he does the unthinkable to save the young girl with the only way he knows how, by giving her his blood.
Years later, a very sick Jillian embarks on a journey to find her so called savior/condemner. The man that had rescued her by giving her his blood had also given her a new type of blood disorder and she was slowly dying. Once again, he was her only hope.
To Thadeus’s surprise, he happens upon Jillian once again, this time she is a grown woman but very fragile. The guilt over what he had done years before had eaten away at him. Hoping Jillian had not become like him. He owed her an explanation and also a “cure” to her illness but would she be able to deal with the consequences?
As their budding relationship begins to bloom a dark presence from Thadeus’s past literally walks through the front door and back into his and now Jillian’s lives. Aodhan has lived with his own guilt for many years and had finally come to rectify the situation with Thadeus but finds more than he bargained for. Can love survive secrets from the past as well as new surprises for the future?