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Vasi: Prisoner of the Alien Prince (A Science Fiction Romance Novel)

by A.K. Vincent on 2018-10-04

A dying race. An intimate experiment. A human prisoner held captive by her desire.

The vasi were supposed to be a legend. It was said that they'd existed hundreds of years ago, then vanished without a trace. When Tera's research crew is captured and taken aboard an alien space station it becomes impossible for her to deny that the vasi exist. With her entire crew's lives on the line she's given a choice: allow them all to die, or submit herself to a twisted experiment—one that will require her to lie with a vasi prince.

Prince Cale, a half-human outcast among the vasi royalty, has been taught all his life that humans are vile and cannot be trusted—so when his human prisoner stirs a desire within him that's deeper than anything he's ever known, his very existence is called into question. The human named Tera threatens to change everything that Cale and the vasi believe to be true—for better or worse. The vasi who don't want Tera in their bed want her dead, and Prince Cale must step out of the shadow of his brothers if he hopes to hold on to what's rightfully his.

While HEA is guaranteed, this book contains graphic content, strong language, and scenes which might be considered upsetting. Please read at your own discretion.