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Aluminum Heart: Book: One (The Tin Girl Trilogy Book 1)

by A.M. Frater on 2017-10-25

Valerie Castle constantly lives to please others; though it isn't in her schema, as an android she has always felt obligated to keep human beings contented. When her uncle offers her the opportunity to live with him in gorgeous Greece, Val jumps at the chance to see another side of the world.

But tension soon rises between her human and robot brethren when robots across the globe unexpectedly turn violent. To side with the machines automatically labels her an enemy. To side with the humans means she's a traitor. Her aluminum heart draws her to one; her mortal mind pushes her to the other--and a boy from her past would like to help, that is, if Val would just give him another chance.

She has only so much time before she loses her world, her family, everything she loves. But Valerie will do whatever it takes to protect all that she cares about, even if it means joining a war she never wanted to fight in.

It isn't about which side is right, only which side remains...