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Clara, Dreaming: A Science Fiction Romance Sandman Retelling: Foxwept Array Book 2

by A.W. Cross on 2019-05-22

For Clara, life is nothing but dreams.

Orphaned at fifteen, she inherited part of a virtual reality empire. Ten years later, everything she could ever have dreamed of is within her grasp--except the one thing she actually wants.

Nathanael's life has been entwined with Clara's since they were born. To prove himself worthy, he leaves the sanctuary of their tower, hoping to become the man Clara deserves.

But when a specter from Nate's past returns to seek revenge by stealing his future, Clara must do everything in her power to save the man she adores from a living nightmare and make all of their dreams come true.

Clara, Dreaming is is a sweet, scifi romance fairy tale retelling of The Sandman and Ole Lukøje, and the second standalone in the Foxwept Array series. HEA guaranteed!

Pine, Alive: Foxwept Array Book 1 (Standalone)

by A.W. Cross on 2019-02-13

Pine never wanted to be a real girl.

But when the sentient androids of Foxwept Province are emancipated, she finds herself with little choice. Sent from her beloved Ghostlight Sea to the human city of Portfade, Pine must find herself a new place in a world that doesn't respect the humanity it gave her.

Ex-soldier James Cruicéad isn't thrilled about her liberation either. He's had his own experiences with synadroids, and none of them good. They're dangerous and unpredictable, and the one newly acquired by his mentor is no exception, no matter how naïve--and fascinating--she may seem.

But when James is tasked with watching over Pine, the pair are forced to confront some harsh truths--not only about the feelings they have for each other, but about the new era they both live in.

When the time comes to sink or swim, will they drown? Or will they be able to cross the ocean that divides them and discover what it really means to be alive?

Pine, Alive is a standalone science fiction romance retelling of Collodi's Pinocchio and also the first book in the Foxwept Array series--where the future is a fairy tale.

Rose, Awake: A Foxwept Array Short Story (Standalone)

by A.W. Cross on 2019-01-09

Every rose has its thorns.

After years in hiding, Princess Rose is finally going home. Her entire life she's waited to return to her parents, her subjects, to the life that was taken from her. But when she arrives at the castle she was exiled from as a child, she discovers that nothing is as she believed--including her own existence.

Has Rose been living a fairy tale? Or a curse?

Rose, Awake is a standalone science fiction romance retelling of Sleeping Beauty and also a short story introduction to the Foxwept Array series--where the future is a fairy tale.