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The Solar Flare

by Aamer Qazi on 2018-05-19

Nathan needed to run Down Town even when he was asleep and operate the system, which meant a part of him still had to be awake to do that, while a different part made sure his body was stable. But the cutting edge technology that’s keeping him alive could probably function just as well without him.
When he falls asleep he’s still bound to his body. He can feel how smooth and soft the comforter on his bed is. He’s hooked up to so many machines, each making a different beeping noise which can get quite cacophonic, especially if any of his vitals are unusual. He supposes its essential but it can sometimes be irritating enough that he almost wants to get off the net to do something about it even though he very well know that he can’t.
This science fiction romance novel is actually a combination of three books sequel. It integrates cybernetic setup with real life and talks about the magnitude of the fusion of real life feelings with wired system.