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Arriving Soon


Claimed by the Village of Konrad (Claiming Their Bride Book 1)

by Abby Aaron on 2018-10-23

In a post-apocalyptic world is a city inhabited by women only. Outside its walls are villages with warriors, women and children. Once a cycle, a woman leaves the city to become a new member of a village. It’s an honor to be chosen.

Attie is chosen but not by chance. She has a plan to escape the protective life of the city to search for her lost friend Naysa. But she soon finds herself married to three handsome but forceful men and taken to their village – which was not part of her plan. Luckily, Naysa is there, too, now heavy with child. Will they chance running back to the city of women, or forge a new path within the hostile settlement of men?

Publisher’s Note: This steamy post-apocalyptic, reverse harem romance contains elements of power exchange, mystery and suspense.. If any of these offend you, please do not purchase.