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Arriving Soon


Etched in Stone (Khargals of Duras Book 5)

by Abigail Myst on 2019-02-17

Frelinray knows duty. He’s been protecting the same family for over 80 years. Now the call home has finally arrived. He must choose between serving his people, the Khargals, or the human woman he desires above all others. Which promise should he break?

Jesse has the hots for a stone statue. Ridiculous, but true. She is an artist, and he’s her muse, but a girl has to draw a line somewhere. Or so she thinks, until he swoops in to rescue her. Can a relationship between a girl and a gargoyle really work, especially when forces beyond their control are finally calling him home?

Zenik: Warriors of Etlon Book 4

by Abigail Myst on 2018-06-22

A warrior duty’s is sacrifice.

Zenik sacrificed everything for his people - his name, his honor and even his life. He never expected to survive.  

Now he’s been rewarded for his mission’s failure with retirement and an irresistible mate, Jane. A warrior in her own right, the Terran female is his match in every way. Retirement is looking better and better. When he has the opportunity to finish his last mission and exact revenge on the male who tried to end his life, can he leave Jane?

Jane understands duty.

As a soldier, she’s prepared to battle alien forces for the safety of Earth. Being married off to an alien? Doesn’t seem that different than fighting aliens.  

Her alien husband is handsome and shy. She knows he’s keeping secrets but when she’s in his arms, sharing passionate kisses, she doesn’t care about duty or missions. He’s her man.

Now he thinks he can leave her behind while he goes off on a some suicide mission? He’s got another thing coming.

Guaranteed HEA, no cheating and no cliffhangers.

Kave: Warriors of Etlon Book 3

by Abigail Myst on 2018-01-01

He'd found his match at last.

Humility. It was an odd name, a name that Kave had repeated to himself over and over again.  His DNA match was everything he had expected her to be when he requested her.  Her survival skills made her worthy of Athen’s clan. Too bad she’d stabbed him in the chest the moment they’d met.  

Humility really managed to screw things up.

When the Ministry of Alien Affairs had come knocking at her door, offering her a deal she couldn’t refuse, she seized on the possibility to heal her war damaged father. Now she only had to convince her new alien husband to pull the right strings. Kave probably wasn’t going to be very cooperative with her knife stuck in his chest.

Can Kave and Humility overcome their unfortunate first encounter to start and heal the family they have always wanted to have?  

Snowed in With the Alien Doctor: Warriors of Etlon

by Abigail Myst on 2017-11-30

Clover is not in the market for Forever.

She’s a cargo captain, finally out from under a man’s thumb. She’s footloose and fancy free with no one to answer to but herself. She’s not ready for strings Unfortunately, the handsome green alien doctor will accept nothing less.

One intoxicating sniff and Orth was hooked.

Before colliding with Clover, Orth’s biggest challenge was deciding which female species to specialize in. Now his nose was telling him there was no other choice but Clover.  The only problem is that she’s not interested in a lifetime. Can Orth win her heart and convince her that he’s worth spending forever with before it’s too late?  

This is a stand alone story with a HEA, no cheating and no cliffhangers.