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Arriving Soon


Taken by the Destroyer 2

by Adrian Blue on 2018-06-10

Adune Prison was the worst place in the universe. At least it was until Elisa was claimed by the most dangerous inmate. Now, the only danger she faces is her out of control feelings for him. Adnin is a force of destruction like the universe has never seen, but Elisa just cannot stay away from him. Worse still, the feeling is mutual. He can protect her from everything else, but no one can protect her from her own heart.

Elisa stared at him. He was visibly holding back, his hands in fists to keep them away from her. He was fighting so hard to be good. To spare her. Could he not see the difference between his careful seduction, the selfless way he pleasured her, and the violent, monstrous things the other inmates wanted to do to her?

Taken by the Destroyer

by Adrian Blue on 2018-05-21

The Adune Prison in sector VI Alpha was the worst place in the universe. It was the pit reserved for only the most horrific criminals. A collection of evil overlords, genocidal megalomaniacs, and some creatures with crimes too horrible to fathom. And through some cosmic joke, Elisa was going to be joining them. She would not last the day.

She froze and slowly looked over her shoulder, and up and up, until she finally met the gaze of the huge alien behind her. He was easily twice her height and so heavily muscled she could barely make sense of it. His face could have been considered attractive with the high, prominent cheekbones and chiseled jawline, but his golden eyes held as much softness and warmth as actual gold. But none of that was what made her heart stutter in her chest.

No. It was the alien’s identity. How could she have possibly forgotten the prison’s most infamous prisoner? He had destroyed entire planets, killed billions of people, and it had taken the galactic army to finally bring him to justice. He was arguably the worst criminal in the galaxy.

Adnin, the Destroyer of Worlds.

The Monster Below

by Adrian Blue on 2017-10-25

Captains Log: This is Captain Tanya Renny of the Deep Space Mining Rig Hexagon Three. At approximately twenty-two hundred hours, our drilling team hit an air pocket in the asteroid LXII.

What should be a simple rescue turns into something very different when Tanya realizes she has stumbled into enemy territory. The creatures are known for being highly aggressive and unwilling to enter into trade agreements with any of the other species that share the galaxy. Especially humans. But now, with her crew being held hostage, Tanya has to convince their leader to release her people. But that may not be the only thing she ends up negotiating. She wants her crew and the mining rights to the asteroid, but what does he want? And how much is she willing to offer?