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Black Wasteland

by Adrian Town on 2017-07-31

The silence in Pyatizonye is deceptive. Silence here is rare. When inside uncountable hordes of cyborgs, and outside the maniac scientists who for the sake of "the highest interests" put the world on an accident side to whom will come to mind to wait for silence? And here still to mechanoides and skorga it became close in borders of aloof spaces. And bigwigs on that side of the Barrier intended to finish with the Black Heathland with one blow. Titanic force explosions of volume charges destroyed not only terrible generations of a technical nose, but also the people living among them. And what remains to people? People need only to survive at any cost. However, to skilled stalkers to the Ascetic and the Titanic-Rod not to get used. Not without reason they are marked with a mysterious tattoo of D.R.G.!