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Arriving Soon


Tethys Rising: A Broken World Short

by Aerin Caldera on 2017-08-22

The Pilot

When Mara crash lands on a desolate moon, she has the sinking suspicion that her luck has just run out.
Because she’s out of water.
And she’s out of time.
Her only chance is to abandon her ship and its stress beacon and hike to the distant caves, where she might be able to find salvation.

The Rogue Agent

Tethys last job was supposed to be simple. Get into the General’s databank and download everything he had on Mission: Duem. The only thing was, this time he peeked at the data and what he’s learn has made his blood turn cold.
He has to get this information to the resistance, even if he is an agent for the Empire.
The closest Pirata stop is the desolate moon Thut, a place the Empire has never bothered colonizing.
So why is one of their pilots crying out for help?
And why can’t he just leave her behind?

Tethys Rising is the first in the series, A Broken World