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Arriving Soon


The Path of Light (Book Six of the Ava'Lonan Herstories 6)

by Ako Emanuel on 2018-03-19

Events move apace...

Will they or no, the world moves toward unity, and the High Family must make ready – for welcome or war. And even as they search out traitors in their midst, the enemy continues to plot and scheme, and stay ten steps ahead.

They must move with grace...

Through the intricacies of the delicate threads that seem to be the only things holding Ava’Lona together. On the brink of Turo’dan, on the eve of the world’s change, something has happened to the High Queen and Jeliya, and it is as intricately tied to the Av’ru as the Av’rujo and the Zehj’Ba have been.

They must plan with haste...

As deeds, well-done or ill, begin to bear fruit and the portents of prophecy come nigh in their Reign and lifetime. And a relli-viper sitting in the heart of T’Av’li waits to strike when the High Family is most distracted, most vulnerable, most unguarded, for never is one more susceptible then when one thinks one is impregnable.

Can they negotiate this narrow path?

For Jeliya’s and Gavaron’s union, unavoidable in the Jur’Av’chi, have laid two courses at their feet. One leads to light and understanding, and one turn, perhaps something greater, and the other... to everlasting darkness, in which the unritious Companion sings and the every eve the ravening joumbi dance.

The Path of Light