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Arriving Soon



by Alachia Jones on 2018-04-08

This story is about a young woman named Anna Lee who is going through a lot of depression and sadness. When everything seems like it’s all going to come crashing down on her a blast from the past emerges into her life. This person is a friend and was someone who protected Anna as a child. She calls herself Shadow. She is very secretive and mysterious and she knows things about Anna’s life that is unexplained. Then out of the blue this awful man targets Anna and her life is in danger once again. All the danger leads up to Shadow revealing a deep secret that she is a time traveler who has this gift that allows her and people with her to go into anywhere in the past or the future. Shadow protects Anna and her best friend Karen from the evil and takes them into time to escape where they have all kinds of adventures. It leads to a place called Time City a village where time travelers came from and the far future where they meet a really interesting future resident Rex Raymond. Anna discovers a lot of things about Shadow, herself, and her family that surprise her. This is just one part of a huge series of stories about Anna and her friends and time travel. There is so much to discover as the adventures get more intense and things get even more deeper and a lot more time traveling happens.