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Uncut Gem at the Edge of Energy

by Alan R. Graham on 2017-07-21

When government agent, Merk, is assigned to assassinate a villain out in the badlands, he never expects to be saved by, nor fall in love with, a mysterious young woman whose fighting skills are far superior to his.

Set in the far future, on a desert planet, Merk is a government agent: killer by profession.  Ordered on a mission to eliminate a commune leader out beyond city limits, his first priority is to hire a guide but, instead, he gets mugged.  Miraculously, he is saved by a young woman with incredible fighting skills.  Her name: Meisha.  He hires her, and over the coming days of desert driving they begin to fall in love.  She is dirty and disheveled in appearance, but somewhere inside that false facade he knows there is a beautiful woman: his “Uncut Gem”.  However, she has a dark secret she cannot bear to tell him.  Her sister then unintentionally lets it slip, destroying their love - but it is only half the truth.  Merk agonizes, wants to forgive Meisha yet must do his duty.  He tells her he will return for her when it it over. Unfortunately, someone has tipped off his target.  Merk is now in trouble; will Meisha come for him?  Only she knows the whole truth: an unbearable suffering that can only lead to one horrifying conclusion.