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In Love With The Enemy: The Hybrid Series Book 1

by Aleks Mitchell on 2018-06-27

Sage Covington is a demon. She and her family are a part of an order called Antiquis Ordinis. They prey on other members of the supernatural world, absorbing their power for survival. Sage is different from the rest of her family. She wasn't just born a demon. She was born a demon and a witch. This complicates Sage's life, making her plagued with guilt over the part she plays in the death of fellow witches.

When Sage meets a woman named Kenna, she can't shake the instant connection she feels with her. She's drawn to her in a way she's never been drawn to anyone before. When Kenna becomes her family's next victim, Sage has to face the inner turmoil that she's been experiencing her entire life.

Through the help of Kenna, Sage will uncover secrets about her family that she never dreamed of.

Will Sage betray her family to save a woman she just met? Or will she allow Kenna to become their next victim?