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Arriving Soon


Entanglement: Book Three in the Stasis series

by Alex Drevessa on 2017-08-26

Thomas assured me this was another quick, easy project to fix space-time. Now, after two years of asking, demanding, yearning to go home, I’m still stuck in 1830's France, with a new set of physical and emotional scars, no sign that Steve will ever open the gate from his side and get me home.
And no Thomas. Not anymore.
What’s my future, now that I’m trapped two centuries in the past, with a physicist cowboy who care barely take care of himself?

Entropy: Book Two in the Stasis series

by Alex Drevessa on 2017-07-26

After an abysmal week of midterms, I take the bus to the office, ready to travel back in time to the Battle of Little Bighorn. That’s exactly what I need to relieve the stress: an easy project out on the plains in 1876, with the sense of accomplishment from having fixed America’s history. I'll simply have the scientists drop me into the camp, then I'll inject that one "problem guy" with a sedative and a virus at precisely the right moment, and they'll bring me back to my own time. I should probably do as many of those special projects in my folder as I can while Evil Bob is still comatose on the floor. With him out, nothing should go wrong this time...