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Dance of Death: A Cyberpunk Science Fiction Novella (The Cyborg Sectors Series Book 7)

by Alex Leu on 2019-01-29

A gift from the heart could save a life, or end one.

Living and working in Sector A was the highest honor for a cyborg, and Judy enjoyed it tremendously, until she did something she wasn’t programmed to do, something she didn’t know was forbidden.

When Judy develops feelings for another cyborg, she sends her a gift, but when Judy realizes that the gift could put both of them in danger, she is forced into a downward spiral of hiding, manipulation, and deceit, as she struggles against an oppressive system to let her feelings be known.

“Dance of Death” is a cyberpunk romance drama, the seventh book in a sci-fi series that features compelling A.I. characters, raw emotion, nail-biting suspense, forbidden love, and surprising plot twists.

If you loved Westworld, Blade Runner, or Ghost in the Shell, then you’ll love to join the characters of “The Cyborg Sectors” on their page-turning adventures.

Buy “Dance of Death” to discover this exciting new sci-fi series today!