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Firestorm: A SciFi Romance (Infiltrators of Ides Book 2)

by Alex Mara on 2018-11-16

He's the only thing standing between her and oblivion.

Blaze and Darcy have escaped the Ides facility, but they're far from safe. Terrors lurk aboveground, and with Darcy's shoulder in a tourniquet, and Blaze fresh from cryostasis, the two have to rely on each other to get to safety.

They're headed for the last human bastion, an outpost called Beacon. Darcy still doesn't know if she can trust Blaze not to betray her, but she's thrown in her lot with him. Every look, every touch tells her that he's "the one"—not just for her, but to save humanity.

And Blaze? He's decided on one woman, and he intends to claim her—and protect her—at any cost.

Firestorm is the second novel in the Infiltrators of Ides series, chronicling the romance between Darcy and Blaze. It includes a cliffhanger, but NO cheating. Get ready for dark science fiction, action and adventure, and all the steaminess you've been waiting for between this couple.

Blaze: A SciFi Romance (Infiltrators of Ides Book 1)

by Alex Mara on 2018-09-16

He’s genetically engineered to break hearts. And skulls.

Deep underground, Dr. Darcy West is in a race with time to engineer the perfect assassin. But none of them came out quite right—until Blaze.

He’s different. Like the others, he’s physically flawless: olive skin, evergreen eyes, abdominals ripped tighter than a washing board. But Blaze isn’t docile. He breaks the facility’s rules, asks questions—both of which are grounds for "recycling."

But Darcy is drawn to him in ways she can’t explain. With one question he changes everything, and then she dreams of him. Footprints in the snow. A forest, a cabin. Darcy has to choose between terminating the perfect clone—potentially the key to humanity’s survival—or saving the life of the first man who's awakened something dormant inside her.

Blaze is the first installment of the ongoing Infiltrators of Ides series, and the first of three books chronicling the romance between Darcy and Blaze. This series does include cliffhangers, but NO cheating. Prepare for action, adventure, dark science fiction, and some anatomically impressive men.