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My Colonization Diary : Part 1

by Ali Andrews on 2019-01-27

In 2050, in a desperate attempt to save the planet Earth, a group of scientist started Project Genetic Molding (“GenMold”).
The Innovators made it their mission to raise super humans to lead the humanity to a better future.The volunteers uploaded their genetic map to an artificial intelligence called the Molder. The Molder coupled the scientist according to the data uploaded to its system. The first couples assigned by Molder wed in secret. They all had one child. The project was a success. The children were indeed gifted. With the guidance of their scientist parents, the GenMold children made incredible discoveries. The most important was discovery of new planets habitable by humans.
I was chosen to participate in Project GenMold by the Molder. I am the assigned wife of Captain Kent Kohnelman. Yes, the Captain Kent Kohnelman that is leading the colonization mission to Planet Admiral. A planet discovered by the GenMold generation that is habitable by humans.
I started this diary to never forget who l was or where l come from during our colonization mission. This is my journey.