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Insatiable Senna: Part Three

by Alice C Jensen on 2017-08-28

Senna has been tasked with finding Jehu Calvin Kingston, the leader of the resistance against the Stygian Queen. However, Jehu isn't willing to help in Senna's mission without some persuasion. Fortunately, that's Senna's forte.

Insatiable Senna: Part Two

by Alice C Jensen on 2017-08-12

Senna wakes up in the middle of the night with her contact in the resistance. But she is not yet satiated. She needs the Futa girl at least one more time before she heads off to confront the Stygian Queen.

Insatiable Senna: Part One

by Alice C Jensen on 2017-08-10

Senna is a superhuman tasked with locating the kidnapped Dr. Spencer. Her mission seems to be easy....Until she's shot down by the Stygian Queen and learns that the planet is under the tyrant's control. She quickly meets and befriends Medi who tells her one more secret of the planet: it's the home of hermaphroditic monsters. The essence of these beasts is used to turn the enemies of the Queen into insatiable Futas, a fate with which Medi is now afflicted. Senna is forced to help Medi before she can continue her mission to save the doctor.