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Arriving Soon


Anya (Leisure Planet 6)

by Alice Gaines on 2018-09-21

When Unit Commander Anya Baker visits an alien planet in search of a missing crewmember, she finds herself caught in a dream she thought only existed in her favorite childhood fairytales. Colin, king of the wee folk, hardly belongs in children’s stories, though. He’s a true ruler in bed.

Colin teaches Anya to love herself. He also helps her connect with her long lost sister. When the time comes to return to her ship, Anya knows she can’t take Colin with her, but how cam she leave him behind? Then again, maybe Troy has a bit of Colin’s magic in him. Somehow this world has a way of giving people exactly what they need -- even if it’s not that they thought they wanted.

Zara (Leisure Planet Book 5)

by Alice Gaines on 2018-07-27

Lowly Deckhand Third Class Zara Thomas finds she's been transported to a beautiful alien planet. Her only companion is a huge but friendly dog. When she wakes the next morning, she finds a naked man where the dog had been. The dog is friendlier, but the man is very talented in bed.

Dog-shifter Rasim has escaped the planet of his birth in a stolen spaceship. He's searching for the mythic land of shifters, simply called Home. This woman could be his mate, but first he has to convince her that she can be like him and the two of them can have a future together.