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Arriving Soon


Seduced By The Futa Witch

by Alison R. West on 2017-07-17

Jane is well-known in her high school for being a little strange. She's not one of the popular girls, she doesn't participate in school activities, and she openly practices witchcraft. She's not the type of person that popular hottie Ava would normally hang out with. That is until Ava discovers Jane has powers that could help her achieve her academic goals. Ava teams up with Jane, makes a deal with her, and even starts to fall for her. But will a spell gone wrong cause Ava to turn tail and run when she finds out that Jane has a delicious secret hanging between her thighs?

Plowing On The Futa Farm

by Alison R. West on 2017-06-30

Kylie is really depressed. Not only is she not going on the summer trip that she'd planned with all of her friends, but she also has to spend the whole summer working on her aunt's stupid farm in the middle of nowhere. Things aren't always as bad as they seem though. Kylie soon discovers that her aunt has hired a group of young girls to help out and they know their way around a tool. It isn't long before Kylie discovers that each of them has a secret dangling between their thighs and they're not afraid to work long and hard.