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Arriving Soon


Kidnapped By Futas

by Alison R. West on 2017-08-10

Vanessa Durand is an insanely wealthy heiress with nothing but partying on her mind. Unfortunately for her, her wealthy investment banker father has made some powerful enemies. Vanessa finds out the hard way when a skilled team of beautiful women kidnap her and hold her for ransom. These are no ordinary women. Vanessa finds out that they are packing more heat between their thighs than she could have ever imagined. As the situation unfolds Vanessa realizes that being taken hostage isn't all bad. There are plenty of ways to pass the time and a lot of time to kill.

Seduced By My Futa BFF

by Alison R. West on 2017-07-28

Jill and Sara are two best friends who tell each other everything. Well, almost everything. After her 18th birthday Jill discovers she has the power to grow a little something extra between her legs and she's too embarrassed to tell anyone. When the pair decide to take a road trip to celebrate their high school graduation Jill's secret comes bursting out.

Taken By Futa Aliens

by Alison R. West on 2017-07-16

Emma is just an ordinary teenager living a boring life in a small Nevada town. That is until she becomes one of a handful of people to see something mysterious in the sky. After giving a local news interview she is tracked down by three young attractive women from Colorado who live to investigate the paranormal. They convince Emma to come with them to investigate a related sighting and things only get stranger from there. Emma experiences a close encounter with a strange otherworldly woman who has a long thick secret throbbing between her thighs. When this experience causes Emma to change in unbelievable ways will the others still want to play with her or run for the hills?

Doing Time In Futa Prison

by Alison R. West on 2017-07-03

Riley was just trying to have a little fun but she ended up in big trouble. When she arrives at the police station her arresting officer reveals that she has long hot secret between her thighs and Riley realizes she might be able to get off with a warning. The officer escorts Riley to a holding cell where three beautiful young futas are doing time. Things start to get hot and Riley realizes that jail can be fun even if you're shackled from head to toe.