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The Samurai's Lover: a sci fi paranormal romance (Keepers of Xereill Book 4)

by Alix Nichols on 2019-03-03

He’s pious. She’s wicked.
He despises her more than he wants her...
…or is it the other way around?

Samurai Iyatt Martenn is a devout man with a history of violence.

His painful past has shaped his present. Iyatt leads an ascetic life of a martial arts teacher and fights his demons as best he can.

Haysi, a belly dancer, is a shameless hedonist if Iyatt ever saw one.

When she isn’t swaying her hips for strangers, she can be found in her shop, inking tattoos on harlots. Worse, she even enjoys their company.

Under normal circumstances, Iyatt would’ve never spoken to a woman like her. But Haysi has a gift—she can talk to spirits. For Iyatt, she channels his deceased fiancée, who asks for their help in a delicate matter.

Forced to work together, Iyatt and Haysi soon find themselves drawn to each other...
resisting their attraction...
yielding to it.

But that doesn’t change what Iyatt thinks of Haysi’s job or her views. He knows he can fight his sinful passion by denying his body.

The question is, can he deny his heart?

THE SAMURAI'S LOVER is Book 4 in the Keepers of Xereill paranormal romance / romantic science fiction series. Each novel in this series focuses on a different couple's journey to love. But it also builds on past events and fits into a broader story arc. You will enjoy the series more (and avoid spoilers!) if you start with the prequel, THE CYBORG'S LADY.

Recommended reading order:

0.5. The Cyborg’s Lady (prequel novella)
1. The Traitor’s Bride
2. The Commander’s Captive
3. The Dragon’s Woman
✦ A Night of Amity (newsletter-exclusive companion novelette)
4. The Samurai’s Lover
5. The Vestal’s Steward (coming this spring)


The Dragon's Woman: A sci-fi paranormal romance (Keepers of Xereill Book 3)

by Alix Nichols on 2018-07-31

Geru Gokk is a lethal dragon shifter.
He’s handsome, charming, rich...
and mad.

In those rare moments when he can think clearly, he loathes himself for the murders he abetted. Except, the victims survived, and they forgave him. But Geru’s foggy mind cannot fathom that.

Nor can it see his best friend Lady Marye Atiz for who she really is—his dragon’s true mate.

She’s the one who awakened his dormant power. The one he flies to at night, consumed by the need to hold her, to claim her. The one who loves him with all her heart.

But when Geru is captured and turned into a weapon of war, Marye must risk everything to pierce the dragon’s madness.

Will Geru find the clarity to fight for them and for all he holds dear before it’s too late? And will the ardor of their bond be their salvation or their undoing?

THE DRAGON’S WOMAN is the third sci-fi / paranormal romance novel in the Keepers of Xereill series. It can be read as a standalone.

Get your copy now.

The Cyborg's Lady: A sci-fi romance novella (Prequel to Keepers of Xereill)

by Alix Nichols on 2018-05-31

Xereill’s top cyborg Keiron Yaggar can have any woman in the galaxy.

But it’s the foxy stranger the colonel meets on his long-overdue vacation who catches his eye.

Linni from Ittroise, as she introduces herself, is taking a week off work, and is on the same Two Planets and a Moon Tour as Keiron.

The young woman fascinates him. Her proud bearing, the way she gazes at the stars, the way she’s not awestruck by his position or stature…

Not to mention the nerve she displays when the pair run into some very dangerous people on the deceptively idyllic Tastassi, the second stop on the tour.

Once Keiron returns to work, he’ll look into that planet.

He’ll also look into Linni, because there’s more to this young woman than she lets on. Much more. Somehow, she’s breached his defenses… and made his desire flare after their torrid night of passion.

Keiron knows he isn’t letting Linni go so easily.

What Xereill’s top cyborg doesn’t know is that he’s fallen for the one woman in the galaxy he cannot have…

THE CYBORG’S LADY is a prequel to the Keepers of Xereill space fantasy romance series. The books in this series are:

½. The Cyborg’s Lady (prequel novella)
1. The Traitor’s Bride
2. The Commander’s Captive
3. The Assassin’s Woman (coming summer 2018)
4. The Spy’s Lover (coming fall 2018)
5. The Vestal’s Steward (coming fall 2018)

➜ Pre-order now.

The Commander's Captive (Keepers of Xereill, Hente Cycle Book 2)

by Alix Nichols on 2018-04-26

He saved her life. But he must hold her captive. Screaming and kicking. Hating him. Craving him…

Lady Nyssa Sebi lost her parents in a freak accident.
Her brother is unjustly condemned to death.
Locked away in Commander Heidd’s residence, Nyssa is the hostage of corrupt thugs who rule the land.
Oh, how she hates them!
But the one she abominates above all is her captor.
During the war, Heidd was her brother’s commanding officer. He was Nyssa's idol, her biggest crush…
Until he betrayed everyone.

Commander Jancel Heidd sacrificed his honor to protect Nyssa.
It’s killing him to see her so miserable, so disgusted with him.
But she’s safe.
Jancel will do anything to keep it that way.
He’ll shield his spunky captive from the depraved police chief, the ruthless governor, and the deadly cyborgs.
The only monster he can’t save her from is himself.

The Traitor's Bride: A science fiction romance (Keepers of Xereill, Hente Cycle Book 1)

by Alix Nichols on 2018-03-26

On her untamed gift hinges the future of a planet—and her lover’s life…

A month ago, ex-army Major Areg Sebi was thrown into prison.

Now he’s on the scaffold, laying his head on the block.  

No public trial for the disgraced war hero. No cyborgs from the League of Realms to whisk him away.

No help. No escape.

A priestess chants a prayer for the major’s soul, even as a judge cries out, “Death to the traitor!”

In the crowd below, laundry maid Etana Tidryn stares into Areg’s eyes.

His lips were hot against hers last night. His hands roamed her body, worshipped her, pleasured her.

She’s falling for him, hard and fast. 

She’s still hoping, even if he’s given up…

Can Etana transcend everything she knows—transcend life itself—to save him?

Can she rise to meet her destiny?