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Arriving Soon


Destiny: When the Stars Were Young and the World was New

by Allan B. Thames on 2018-05-14

Destiny. She was his destiny and he was hers. Before time began, they were created for each other, and knew and loved each other. Who is to say if maybe in another life, in another world, in another dream, in another romance novel, they hadn’t already met and merged their essence into one, so that in lives, worlds, dreams and novels yet to come, they would know each other, seek each other out, feeling incomplete without each other? Should they happen to meet, when their need was the greatest, they would recognize each other, and would know they were meant and created for each other. Should they touch, sparks would fly. In that short lifespan measured in heartbeats, breaths or maybe years if they were fortunate, they and all around them would be changed. For the briefest moment of time they would know the joy they had been created to share with each other.