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The Golden Argonauts: Time Travel Romantic Suspense

by Allison Cassidy Page on 2017-09-21

Valentine’s Day in San Francisco.
A rickety old house on Telegraph Hill where people go in, but don’t come out.
In 2015 a beautiful young prosecutor dedicated to putting the bad guys behind bars is getting ready for her date with the hot detective with a sense of humor and a mysterious past.
In 1849 in the gold rush, a motley crew of gold miners look forward to an evening’s fun with the dance hall girls in the parlor turned saloon before they head back to the hills.
What ties this unlikely cast of characters together?
A murder . . . or two . . .
A gold watch . . .
A hidden treasure . . .
A weathervane . . .
And a fall through the curtain of time to right wrongs and unite lovers in this time travel romantic suspense novel for the ages.

Author Interview
Q: How did the story for The Golden Argonauts come to you?
A: I have always loved time travel stories ever since I read the epic Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon. But I also love California history and western romance stories. The gold rush holds a fascination for readers of historical fiction as well. So it seemed a perfect combination to put a modern cast of characters living in 21st Century San Francisco and plunge them back into the world of early San Francisco.
Q: What elements of suspense did you put in your book?
A: Readers of romantic suspense will enjoy the developing relationship between Sarah and Jack as well as the relationship between Finn during the gold rush and how he adjusts to losing his wife and forming an attachment to Fanny. Also, Sarah pursues an accused murderer in her legal career so elements of crime fiction, stalking, mystery, thriller and detective stories also appear in the book.
Q: How did you perform research to make the old San Francisco come alive?
A: San Francisco offers many landmarks of the gold rush, including sites found in the book. Characters find themselves in the kiosk that became San Francisco landmark Tadich’s Restaurant, Wells Fargo Bank has a museum devoted to the handling of the gold discovered by the miners, and many streets familiar to residents of the city still exist. Also a large library devoted to historical research of the era helped authenticate the lives and time documented in the book.
Q: Have you always been interested in paranormal ideas?
A: I’d have to say I am. Science fiction, mysticism, paranormal, fantasy and urban fantasy all have intriguing elements that writers explore in wonderful novels. I hope to add The Golden Argonauts to that library.
Q: Allison Cassidy Page is actually a mother-daughter writing team. How is that working out?
A: We have had a fantastic time working together. From the get go we have had a close and easy bond that has always included a lot of laughter. We are both creative people and this was a natural evolution of relationship. Helen, the mother of the pair, has published more than 40 books beginning in the 70s with cookbooks and includes children’s fiction, romances, and mysteries to her credit. She is an avid cook, world traveler, reads widely and loves art and history. Daughter Allison has a sharp, curious mind, works in the fashion field, has written for trade publications, is an animal lover, yoga practitioner, and master of the art of ice cream making.

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