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Fantastical Daddy Doms Collection One: A Fantasy Daddy Dom Collection Box Set

by Allysa Hart on 2019-06-10

Fantastical Daddy Doms: Collection One box set includes the first FIVE books in the Fantastical Daddy Doms series: Genie Daddy, Ogre Daddy, Santa Daddy, Robot Daddy, and Cupid Daddy. BONUS content has been added to three out of the five stories, and you can get an EXCLUSIVE sneak peek at the next story in the Fantastical Daddy Doms series.

Have you ever wondered what happens next? Do Ariana and Grayson go back to the castle? Then there’s Vixen the elf mistress, does she ever get any of the spotlight? I mean, someone needs to punish the naughty boys, right? And what about Robot Daddy? There’s got to be more to that story, doesn’t there? Also, will there be any more Fantastical Daddy Doms this year? The answer to all of these questions has been put together in one FANTASTICAL BOX SET that you do not want to miss.

Genie Daddy is the magical tale of a young woman who loses everything only to gain three wishes, a stern Daddy Dom and the mother she never knew she had. Add in a musty antiques shop, a few naughty dreams, and a bucket list item or two. Throw it all in the magical lamp and give it a shake. The result is a hilarious story of finding love in the places you least expect.

Ogre Daddy is a sometimes sad and sometimes funny fairy tale mash-up with a giant green alpha male ogre, a brainwashed princess, a bonus banana bread recipe and an epic good versus evil battle with the kind of fairy tale ending that will rock your socks off.
Trigger warning: While not a dark romance, this book has some dark undertones, a fair amount of power exchange, and there is abuse in this book, but it does not take place between the hero and heroine.

Santa Daddy is a hilarious and heartwarming holiday tale of a woman who has never believed and the real life Santa who must make her his before Christmas is ruined forever. If you add in a few old letters, a trip to the mall, and ahem, Santas natural peppermint’ll get a trip into the holiday spirit that will have you falling out of your chair laughing while wiping tears from your eyes. And just a’ll never look at a candy cane the same way again!

Robot Daddy is what you get when you combine an artificial intelligence alpha male, a desperate heroine, a family event, some hilarious one-liners, a marinara explosion, a bionic multifunctional piece of male pleasure equipment, a sexy Daddy Dom, and an unconventional HEA.

Cupid Daddy is concocted with the following ingredients. One gorgeous Greek god exiled to earth. One sassy desperate heroine. Two rival matchmaking services. Five over-the-top- romantic gestures, twelve mice, some flaming dog poop and a glitter bomb. Add insta-love, hate sex, and ridiculous one-liners. Stir to mix and you get a hot and hilarious romantic comedy with a guaranteed HEA.