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Arriving Soon


Shelter the return

by Allyson Young on 2018-08-15

Shelter part three The Return
They won the war but the real battle was right around the corner. Together again, after considerable adversity, Jesse shares the other part of his mission with Addy. The plague that decimated the population has left another legacy and he has been ordered to ‘encourage’ Shelter’s women to move to the base. With the fanatical Sawyer Bridges and his men dealt with, repopulating the country is now the top priority.
Determined that women be allowed the choice, of both the father of their child or to have children at all, Addison accompanies Jesse in an attempt to appeal to the top brass.
Their appeal rejected, Addison and Jesse are separated and detained while the General attempts to carry out his plan. But there are decent people everywhere and they rise up to do the right thing.
Because of his need to protect her, Jesse makes the wrong call and Addy draws a line in the sand. She returns to Shelter, leaving Jesse to follow—if he can find it within himself to accept a true, future partnership.