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The Creeping Moss (The Galactic Pantheon)

by Alyce Caswell on 2019-06-20

Lorne Lavine has adored his goddess ever since she saved his life and saw him as he truly was, so when she appears decades later wanting to recruit him as her bodyguard, he is unable to refuse. His time at the Galactic Law Enforcement Agency has prepared him for any fight — but not for the feelings she stirs inside him. The feelings no mortal should have.

Renaei, the goddess of tundra, trusts only one man with her life and that’s Lorne — but even she must admit that’s not the reason she chose him to protect her. She is desperate for a companion, an equal, someone to love her instead of worshipping her from afar. But will Lorne ever be able to see her as a woman instead of an untouchable goddess?

A trans romance (F/FTM) novella.

The Whispering Grass (The Galactic Pantheon Book 5)

by Alyce Caswell on 2019-03-20

Sanyul Bello is an assassin with an impeccable record — until he goes up against the goddess of savannah, who he has always blamed for his family’s misfortune. When he fails to kill her, he expects a quick death. But Isabis, who is tired of the mortals she cares for not understanding her and what she does for them, decides to give him a taste of what it’s like to be a god instead. And she can guarantee he won’t like it.

Sanyul doesn’t expect to feel sympathy for Isabis and he definitely doesn’t expect to feel something stronger in her presence. But can they both put aside their old pain and anger long enough to let the tenuous connection between them grow into something else?

An ace romance novella.

The Shifting Ice (The Galactic Pantheon Book 4)

by Alyce Caswell on 2018-12-20

Dom Zhang’s day has just gone from bad to worse. Having fallen to his death while on the job, he is rescued and healed, but he also becomes the only prisoner inside an icy fortress without any exits. Rasson, the god of ice, has chosen Dom as his consort and expects the mortal to gratefully accept a place by his side.

But Dom has no intention of settling down. He’s got an entire galaxy to explore before he dies and he definitely doesn’t have time to be held captive — or to contemplate the perks of marrying a god. Even if one of those perks is immortality…

The Flickering Flame (The Galactic Pantheon Book 3)

by Alyce Caswell on 2018-10-20

Grace Pendergast is a disgraced reporter with blood on her hands. She thinks the galaxy would be better off without her. But before she can take drastic measures, she encounters Finara, the goddess of fire, who offers Grace the opportunity of a lifetime. Finara might be the most arrogant woman Grace has ever met, but the goddess has a softer side that she has managed to hide from the entire galaxy from millennia. Until she enlists the services of a particularly stubborn reporter, that is.

As sparks ignite between them, Grace finds herself struggling to choose between carrying out her original plans — or accepting an eternity at Finara’s side.

The Twisted Vine (The Galactic Pantheon Book 2)

by Alyce Caswell on 2018-08-25

When Fei, a brilliant but downtrodden programmer struggling with a crisis of faith, finds proof that GLEA, an organisation filled with the Creator God’s most loyal followers, owns the company she works for, her secular sanctuary is shattered. Kuja, god of the rainforests, encounters Fei while she is still reeling from her discovery and feels compelled to give her the patience and understanding she so badly needs.

But Kuja must make sure he abandons her before his siblings discover how deep his feelings for her really are. They would see her as a distraction — or worse, a threat to the grand design, one that needs removing. And Fei is already in enough danger. With GLEA preparing to wipe out hundreds of thousands of innocent lives simply because those people dare to worship other gods, Fei knows she has to try to stop them, even if it means risking her career and her life.

Kuja is desperate to return to her side and help her. But even if he could protect her from his divine siblings, why would she want to spend an eternity with him? And how could she forgive someone who has lied to her from the very beginning?

The Tortured Wind (The Galactic Pantheon Book 1)

by Alyce Caswell on 2017-10-20

In the millennia since leaving Old Earth, humans have spread far and wide into the galaxy. An array of sub-level gods were created to deal with the expanding population, always to protect them out of sight, never to become one of them — and never to understand love or experience it for themselves.

Callista is a member of a gang in her planet’s only city and has killed her fair share of opponents. She trusts her gang with her life, but she can never tell them about her strange powers or the visions she has of a faceless man. Sandsa, god of the deserts, was designed by his father the Creator God to rule over the sands and those living on them. But Sandsa does not care for the mortals he is meant to protect and abandons them to seek the woman who haunts his dreams.

Once united in their waking hours, he and Callista discover that following your dreams can have consequences. Their love plunges Atsa City into an all-out war and soon they face more than just mortal threats — the Creator God must have a god in the deserts. And his children are determined to see his will done, no matter how many mortals might die in the process. Sandsa and Callista must face a pantheon of gods — but even if they succeed they risk losing everything they have built together.