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Lightfoot (The Massoud Chronicles Book 2)

by Amanda Norris on 2019-05-15

Vice Admiral David James Lightfoot is egotistical, judgmental, and imperious. His power and influence are represented by a massive military machine - the Delta Sector Unified Fleet - and his purpose is to protect humanity from an alien invasion. His dedication to duty is unquestionable, but his tolerance of others is not.

The arrogant admiral needs to be cut down to size, and the only person big enough to do the job is a little alien girl.

Finding himself unoccupied as he makes a long space voyage, he forms a peculiar attachment to a child whose parents he never truly accepted. As he adjusts his attitudes, and softens his prejudices, can he still retain the traits that make him a capable military leader?

This is the second book in the Massoud Chronicles, and we revisit some of our favorite characters, including Elizabeth Massoud.