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Blood Moon: A Riley Hunter Novel (The Riley Hunter Series Book 2)

by Amanda Lynn on 2019-05-02

Werewolf attacks. Decapitated Vampires.

Why did Riley think things were going to be easier as a vampire?

It's been two months since Riley was turned. She's adjusting to her new fanged life and things are finally getting back to normal.

All that changes with one werewolf attack.

A seemingly random werewolf attack hits too close to home and exposes a family secret that threatens everything she thought she knew about her life. After a second one occurs, Riley starts to question if these attacks really are random, or if those close to her are being targeted.

When vampires start turning up dead also, Riley and Lucian are stretched thin trying to solve the murders and hunt down the rogue werewolf. Soon, Lucian has no choice but to call in the BloodGuard-the elite vampire soldiers of the Council-for help.

All the clues are beginning to point to the one-person Riley had hoped to never see again-Malus. And after some disturbing news from Lucian's Sire, it appears the Council could be protecting him.

If that's true, what's going to happen when the BloodGuard gets there?

Dark Betrayal: A Riley Hunter World Prequel (The Riley Hunter Series)

by Amanda Lynn on 2018-10-16

Lies. Betrayal. Status. Blood.

The daughter of a Council member. The son of a Guard. In a world where status is everything, will they risk it all...even their be together?

Ellie despises everything about being a Housed vampire and rebels against the hierarchy and her father every chance she gets. She's tired of the constant lies, never knowing who to trust, and her father trying to mold her into something she's not. All she wants is to be rid of her father, his expectations, and to be with Kade.

Kade knew he should end things with Ellie. He'd be leaving for the BloodGuard soon and if her father ever found out about their relationship, he'd demand blood retribution, if not worse. But Ellie was all he could think about and even though he hated having to sneak around to be with her, he lived for those stolen moments.

When Ellie's father announces his plans for her arranged marriage, she knows it's time to do the one thing Kade had always begged her not from the House and never look back.

With her decision made, Ellie sets out to find Kade and convince him to join her. What she discovers instead is a betrayal she never imagined possible and makes her question if her relationship with Kade was ever even real.

Dark Betrayal is a stand-alone prequel novella in the Riley Hunter World. Want more? Check out the first book in the Riley Hunter Series, Silver Moon: A Riley Hunter Novel.