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Charli's Too-Good-To-Be-True Promotion (Billionaire Steam Book 6)

by Amanda Richensexi on 2017-08-26

He should have ended it with one date. It was those damn freckles...

Lowly junior assistant Charli Fontina never imagined big shot tech CEO Draken Almatto would ever look at her twice. At best, eccentric, rich men like Draken nibble on plump bagels like her for breakfast and then move on to fancier pastry.

But now, not only has he gone out on a real date with her - be still, her heart! - but he's acting all lovey-dovey. It's like the man is, well, infatuated or something.

He's still sinfully sexy, and he's still out to get her goat with her embarrassing kink, especially when her clothes are off - in front of six lab techs and four research subjects, no less.

And he still insists their relationship won't ever amount to anything. And refuses to say more than a few personal words about himself.

But she's starting to think maybe he might not be so impossibly irredeemable after all.

Until Draken is forced to leave town, the gossip mill explodes, and the chocolate sauce hits the fan...

This book is 40,000 juicy words. It ends the Draken & Charli series with a scrumptious HEA.

New to the Charli and Draken series? You could read this as a standalone, sure, but it's fun to start with Charli's Utterly Humiliating Presentation. These two lovers' escapades are epic...if blush-worthy. You might even say they'll dominate your thoughts...

To read, please be at least 18, not offended by excessively dirty language, intrigued by sexy science fiction gadgets, and a little bit enamored of cynical alpha dudes and down-to-earth, snarky chicks.