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Arriving Soon


Sasquatch Hills

by Amanda Thudpucker on 2018-11-04

Cora's work life yields the fruits the fruits of her years of lawyerly labor. Becoming partner at the firm reaps huge rewards and with it she decides to find her own upstate retreat just a few hours ride from the city.

After several peculiar conversation with the previous owner which felt more like an interview than anything else, Cora is granted the right to purchase the property.

Excitement abounds as she packs her car and heads to the great unknown, to experience a weekend retreat in the woods.

Nothing is ever what it seems, though. And her first day on the property revealed a very large secret.

Feels like the former property owner was in on it, too.
Now Cora succumbs her will to a creature that could snap her in half if it so chooses.
But it doesn't.

Instead... this creature chooses love.