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Arriving Soon


Tagan's Chance (The Tagan Series Book 4)

by Amelia Ford on 2018-05-03

“Tagan’s Chance – What a ride?! Have tissues by your side and hold on! Sophie and Ahran will break your heart and then heal it again!”

 Sophie returns to find that not everything is back to how it should be. She is now faced with her biggest challenge yet—She has six days to try to convince Ahran that he is in love with her, but even though she believes she has destiny on her side, the path to happiness is neither easy nor straightforward and Sophie finds herself being forced to accept a situation that is entirely out of her control.  On the surface, it couldn’t be more perfect, but beneath it all, it couldn’t be more wrong.

Tagan’s Chance is the last instalment in the Tagan series and Sophie must try to draw on everything she has learned since meeting Ahran.  But are some problems just too big to overcome?