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Big Bad Dad Shifters: The Complete Collection (Cloud Lake Shifters Books 1-5)

by Amelia Jade on 2018-10-01

Release yourself to explore unmet desires with this collection of scorching hot shifters!

Five books in one box set, all about the fiercely loyal and fur-ociously protective shifter men of Cloud Lake and their strong, proud mates. Filled with wolves, bears, griffins and more, this bundle of steamy paranormal romance stories will have you aching for more.

An evil corporation kidnapped hundreds of women in an attempt to blend shifter genes with humans, to create a new species. After its fall, many of the women were brought to Cloud Lake, where the shifters have taken it upon themselves to protect them, and the new life they are carrying within. But not all is perfect in this idyllic little town, and the reaches of evil are never far behind. Are these shifters strong enough to defend the town, their mates and their unborn children?

This bundle includes:

Hayden - The lone wolf.
Gray - The old guard.
Hector - The troublemaker.
Noah - The new hand.
Braden - The denier.

Dragon Bound: Quicksilver Dragons Book 2

by Amelia Jade on 2018-09-17

To protect his mate, Kase cut her out of his life. Like all Quicksilver dragons, Kase is destined to lose his mind without a mate, but the fear of hurting her is too much for him to overcome. He must keep her safe at all costs. But as his condition deteriorates, he loses control. He’s sent back to his homeland, back to the one place he shouldn’t be—back to her.

Michelle Barden has her dream job as the head scientist at an independent laboratory. She’s close to curing the degenerative disease that’s plaguing her parents. She has everything she could ever want, except the one man she can’t stop thinking about. Kase disappeared after just a few dates, but now he’s back, and he wants to invest in the lab.

The spark between them is immediately rekindled, but it can’t last. She’s in danger, and with him confined to the area, he does what is necessary to send her away, thinking he’s protecting her. Other forces have an interest in his mate as well, and they’ll stop at nothing to get what they want. He can’t defeat them, not without her by his side. Can Kase undo all the damage he’s caused while trying to do what he thinks is right?

Dragon Marked: Quicksilver Dragons Book 1

by Amelia Jade on 2018-09-04

Speak now, or forever hold your peace…

Things aren’t going the way Hel wants them to, but maybe he should accept some of the blame. Seeing his mate on the altar about to marry the alpha of a local wolf pack is bound to spur anyone to extreme measures. He’s stood by for ten years while his inability to address his own emotions has paralyzed any progress with her. They might be best friends, but until he can learn to use his words, that’s all they’ll be.

Megyn Wekkle wasn’t an idiot. She knew there was tension between her and the broad-shouldered hunk she called her best friend. Someone else made a move when he wasn’t willing though, and now she’s consigned the “what-if’s” between her and Hel to the dustbin of her memory. What she never expected was that he would finally find his voice at the most inopportune time. Even worse, she can’t help but wonder if maybe he wasn’t the only one having a hard time confronting their feelings…

Hel’s actions have pissed off the entire wolf pack, and also the local dragon enclave representative. They need to get out, and get out fast. Hel may have caused the problems, but they’ve grown to envelop her as well. The longer they spend together, the more things between them begin to unravel, and a decade’s worth of thoughts and feelings come to the surface. Can they ride that turbulent wave to a new beginning together, or will the deeds of the past tear them apart?

Crimson Dragons: The Complete Collection

by Amelia Jade on 2018-08-27

Now get the three books in the Crimson Dragons series in a complete box set!

Kallore, Corde and Vanek are the first three dragons awakened from deep sleep. They're asked to fight, but these fire-breathing monsters won't just help for free. They need to get paid, and more importantly, they need to find their mates.

The creatures facing these dragons are horrible and powerful beyond human imagination, but they've never been up against a dragon before. Life and light versus death and darkness. These ancient beings are lovers beyond compare, and in a fight for the human race, it will be their capacity to love that will show them how to win. If they can just figure out how before it's too late.

Read along as this trio of fiery warriors returns to a world that cast them out, in a quest for love and salvation that will have consequences the world over.

Included in this box set:

Dragon Temptation: Kallore
Dragon Seduction: Corde
Dragon Devotion: Vanek

Dragon Soul: Cobalt Dragons Book 3

by Amelia Jade on 2018-08-21

He’s searched everywhere for his mate, except in his past…

So when she shows up on the top secret military base that he’s housed at, dragon shifter Pyne knows that fate has begun to work its mysterious magic. Even as he stares at her beautiful face and decade-old memories return to him, he can tell she didn’t expect to see him there. So why is this driven, no-nonsense gem of a woman really there?

When the suspect of an unsolved case from her past shows up, Agent Kim Phrasier breaks all the rules to go after him. He tried to kill her and almost succeeded. This time he’s not getting away. Unexpectedly reunited with the drop-dead handsome government agent she worked with to bring him down, Kim finds herself struggling to focus on the case. Everything between them has changed, and neither of them know how to talk about it.

Their fascination with one another has blinded them to the fact that their mutual enemy is back, and this time he’s not trying to get away. They’ve walked right into a trap, and he’s got them cornered with no easy way out. If Pyne wants to keep his mate around, he’s not only going to have to stop the maniac hell bent on revenge, but also find the words to tell Kim just what she means to him before it’s too late.

Dragon Heart: Cobalt Dragons Book 2

by Amelia Jade on 2018-08-07

What better way to improve morale on a military base than a talent show?

Sergeant Linny Cantor never expected to participate, but now she’s dusting off her old box of tricks for a chance to win her choice of grand prize options. A month’s paid leave is as good as hers, if she can just keep a meddling dragon shifter out of her practice area and her pants. He’s deliciously hot and says all the right things, but her focus has to be on winning that prize. Oh, and did she mention that he’s competing against her?

Rokk, a cobalt dragon, is in a great mood. He’s going to win the talent show and take his choice of the grand prize: twenty-five thousand dollars of his fellow dragon’s money. The fact that along the way he’s found his mate and is going to win the bet with his twin brother is making it even sweeter. The treasure pile he’s going to spoil his mate with is growing larger by the day.

Caught red-handed trying to spy on his primary competition, Rokk is also accused of sabotaging some of her equipment. When it happens again though, it’s become clear—someone is targeting Linny, and only Rokk’s dragon powers can keep her alive. With the threat of Outsiders from one direction, and a traitor from within, the pair must work together to defeat their enemies, learn the truth, and ultimately, win the talent show and each other.

Dragon Blood: Cobalt Dragons Book 1

by Amelia Jade on 2018-07-16

When word reaches Kaitlyn Harver that her boss wants her in his office now, she starts to panic. How could he know? She hasn’t told a soul. All she wants is to do her job and climb the corporate chain. Leapfrogging the other senior directors by accompanying her boss on a private jet to another continent isn’t how she imagined doing it. Especially not after how things ended the last time they worked together…

When Aric finds out he must travel, there’s only one person he wants with him. Fun-loving and easy-on-the-eyes Kaitlyn. Not because of what happened before, but because he doesn’t want a dry, stuffy suit-wearer with him. His plans fall apart the instant they’re shut in the plane together and he realizes something about her has changed. She’s now more important to him than ever before. But what’s different?

Kaitlyn is determined to keep it a platonic trip to avoid workplace rumor and scandal when she returns. Resisting Aric, however, is harder than ever once they’re alone. He’s always been drop-dead handsome and buff, but now that they’re out of a corporate environment he’s showing her another side of him. The only question is, which one is the real him, and will that change her mind when it comes to revealing the secret she’s carrying?

Stone Bears: The Complete Collection

by Amelia Jade on 2018-06-19

The Stone Bears. Elite shifters trained to protect the most valuable things in Genesis Valley. For years that has meant the dormant dragon eggs mined in the nearby mountains. Now though, this trio of bear shifters have found their mates, and they’re extending the same protection to the women that make them whole. Ready to unleash hell upon any who threaten their mates, Gabriel, Uriel and Raphael must juggle their jobs and their love life in his heartwarming collection of stories. Pull up the blanket and read along as these tough as nails protectors try to find their way in a world not quite ready for them.

Included in this bundle are:

Gabriel. The leader.
Uriel. The lost.
Raphael. The protector.

Blackjack Bears: The Complete Collection (Koche Brothers Books 1-5)

by Amelia Jade on 2018-06-12

The Koche brothers are notorious bad-boy bear shifters, locked up for running one too many midnight gambling schemes. Now sprung free these hot as hell shifters are ready to tear it up. Snuggle in and read along for some sexy fun, scorching love and fierce family bonds.

Contained in this bundle are:

Pierce. The young gun.
Kean. The Firebrand.
Gavin. The middle child.
Kassian. The Protector.
Maximus. The Eldest. The Alpha.

5 full novels. Over 300,000 words.

Dragon Craving: Emerald Dragons Book 3

by Amelia Jade on 2018-05-28

Perfect guy, terrible timing…

Hired to take a mega-ranch from pitiful to profitable, Cheryl Payne needs to stay focused. The hunk freeloading on his friend’s ranch is a temptation she can’t afford to indulge. First in her family to graduate college, she’s gambled everything to prove she can do this job. Now is most definitely not the time to fall in love.

Emerald dragon Rowe is pulling out all the stops to delay his trip back to the dragon enclave. Living among humans held little appeal, until he met the enticing and driven ranch manager, Cheryl. When she stumbles into the kitchen more desperate for coffee than clothes, his dragon comes alive. He’s finally found his mate. The only problem will be convincing her that his cravings are more than skin-deep.

The battle she’s fighting between wanting to save the ranch, and wanting to run her hands over his body, grows fierce as things spiral out of control. Forced to turn to him for help, she comes dangerously close to picking pleasure over business. The discipline and concentration that got her through school disappears under his intense green eyes and ripped body. The only thing worse than giving in to her craving would be to do nothing, because Rowe is the only one that can stop the danger heading straight for the ranch.

Dragon Desire: Emerald Dragons Book 2

by Amelia Jade on 2018-05-15

Accepting his mate is a human is one thing. But her child?

Things have gone south for Lilly Jordan, and fast. A one-time fairytale romance has turned black and blue. It’s time to go, for her sake, and for the unborn life growing inside her. In desperation she reaches out to her best friend for help. Expecting a ride, or maybe money, Lilly is completely unprepared when the front door breaks down to reveal her Prince Charming instead. It would have been perfect timing for true love… if she weren’t in the middle of fleeing a relationship.

Forced to return to living amongst the humans yet again by the dragon elders, Torran is anything but excited to be where he is. That changes upon arrival though, when a fellow dragon tells him they’re off to save a damsel in distress. One broken door and a frantic escape through a hail of gunfire later, and that damsel is now looking exactly like his mate. The only problem is she’s human, an eventuality Torran never prepared himself for.

Lilly’s glad her knight in shining armor is staying near, especially as her evil ex refuses to leave her alone. With her hormones running wild and his stunning good looks and sculpted body hers if she wants, it was only a matter of time before Lilly ate the forbidden fruit. But she can only watch as the intervention of her ex spirals the situation further out of control. The only way it can be fixed is if Torran can see past her exterior. For inside Lilly has the heart of a dragon…as does the child she bears.

Dragon Passion: Emerald Dragons Book 1

by Amelia Jade on 2018-05-01

He would do anything for his mate. But who would respect a dragon farmer?

When her family farm falls into Sandy Talbert’s lap, it couldn’t have happened at a better time. Her life in the city was over. She needed a change, and more importantly, she needed the solitude. Running a farm by herself is harder than it seems, and three years later she’s on the verge of being forced to sell to her jerk of a neighbor. The only thing standing between her and defeat is the odd offer made to her by a gorgeous stranger she barely knows.

Palin never expected to find his mate. He was on a mission, assigned to figure out if this war the humans were talking about was truly as serious as they claimed. Knowing how pathetic humans were, he highly doubted it. But an emergency stop for food at a local farmers market has thrown all his plans into disarray. Leaving his comrades behind, he ventures into the world of farms, famine, and intrigue beyond anything he could imagine. She needs his help, but Palin doesn’t know one end of a hoe from the other!

Determined to help her out, Palin agrees to plow her fields. It’s not what Sandy signed up for, but she can’t deny that he’s helpful—and hunky. If she can convince him to stay, she could finally turn a profit and stick it to her nasty neighbor. Can she do that while still maintaining her policy of not letting anyone into her life? And what about her neighbor? How will he react when he finds out his designs on her farm won’t ever come to fruition?

Dragon Rebellion (Ice Dragons Book 3)

by Amelia Jade on 2018-04-24

Abandoned at birth, Annalise Walker has been running from a nightmarish past for five long years. She can’t trust anyone, but a part of her won’t give up dreaming. In the midst of an ill-fated search for a blood relative, she stumbles across a gorgeous giant of a man with secrets as big as his muscles. As much as she longs to relax into his embrace, she can’t. He’s the exact sort of trouble she can’t afford.

The eldest of three dragon shifter brothers, Caine’s icy facade is nothing more than a cloak against the doubts he harbors inside. Annalise is everything he’s ever wanted in a woman, but she’s completely off-limits. He can’t afford to be distracted by a sexy little human with thick curves and a skittish attitude. But the more time he spends with her, the more she brings the mighty dragon to his knees.

Annalise tries to stay away from Caine, but he’s intoxicating. She can’t help but dream of giving in and letting his shirt-shredding biceps hold her tight. In the end, her insistence on keeping secrets may spell disaster for both of them. Determined to know more about his mate, Caine’s inadvertent searching has led her past right to his doorstep. But Annalise is his mate, and Caine will destroy anyone who tries to lay a claim on her. No matter who they may be…

For a limited time, 2 Bonus novels included!

Dragon Redemption (Ice Dragons Book 2)

by Amelia Jade on 2018-04-04

Violet Walker has always wanted to open a cupcake shop, but she’s never had the money. So when she meets a handsome man at her best friend’s bar who promptly offers to front her the money, she can’t say no, can she? He’s young, single, obviously successful, and most of all he makes her want to melt into a puddle every time he looks her way. Which is exactly why he has to stay as a business partner, nothing more.

Determined to make his mate’s dream come true, ice dragon Ivore will stop at nothing. He knows that by locking her into a business deal he’ll have as long as he needs to seduce and eventually claim the shy beauty. Dragons are patient creatures, but every second that passes without being able to claim her is driving him wild with desire.

Although she won’t tell him, Ivore knows that Violet has been hurt, and hurt bad. What he doesn’t understand is that she’s not rejecting him for her safety, but his. The dragon wants to help her make peace with her past, but first they’re going to have to deal with his present, including a crime boss hell-bent on revenge against Ivore and his brothers that has just put Violet square in his crosshairs…

Dragon Eruption (Ice Dragons Book 1)

by Amelia Jade on 2018-03-21

Cowl and his brothers have been awakened into a new world centuries after he accidentally buried them in an avalanche. While his two older brothers decide what the trio should do without him, Cowl strains at the leash to be able to make his own choices. He doesn’t need their rules, all he needs is the drop dead-gorgeous, green-eyed beauty behind the bar.

Lately Andria’s dreams of moving to the coast have taken on a new urgency. Events in her hometown have left her feeling exposed and vulnerable. All she needs to do is graduate, then she can leave everything behind. But when a sexy and mysterious stranger walks into her bar and her life, everything changes. It’s been a long time since someone looked at her the way he does, and suddenly Andria isn’t so sure she’ll be able to leave.

As much as Andria wants to leave, there are those who would see her go, for their own selfish and hateful reasons. They’ve concocted a plan to make that happen and are ready to carry it out. The only thing they didn’t factor in was the icy fury of a dragon shifter hell-bent on doing whatever it takes to claim his mate.

Bonus content included for a limited time only!

Dragon Addiction (Onyx Dragons Book 3)

by Amelia Jade on 2018-03-08

A dragon awoken from his slumber, Garath has two goals: Find his mate, and lavish her with wealth beyond her wildest dreams. He’s going to have to start from nothing, however, as his treasure has been stolen from him. If he can’t get his treasure back, he has no hope of finding a mate. After all, who would want a penniless dragon?

Marie Proctor is trying to track down her ex. He stole something precious from her, and she’s desperate to get it back. Nothing is going to get in her way, not even Mr. Tall, Buff, and Sexy. She’s not falling into that trap again.

Once he’s found his mate though, this dragon isn’t about to let her get away, treasure or no treasure. Garath’s just going to have to prove that he’s what’s really valuable. Convincing her won’t be easy, but Garath isn’t going down without a fight. Not this time.

Dragon Obsession (Onyx Dragons Book 2)

by Amelia Jade on 2018-02-21

Katheryn Pine has returned home to heal her heart and her body. Broken and betrayed, she isn’t looking for love. She only wants to regain her independence. To live the life of her dreams, she needs to strengthen her body and find a good job. She’s done with relying on a man, even someone as hunky as dragon shifter Callan.

Onyx dragon Callan has spent centuries amassing his treasure. He’s awoken from a deep slumber by a powerful government who refuses to give his treasure back unless he fights the Outsiders. He’s furious. The treasure is his and he intends to give it to his mate. Determined to learn more about the world he’s being forced to defend, he ventures into the city where he meets a smart, funny, and beautiful woman.

While Katy focuses on her health, Callan mourns a centuries’ old wound. Neither is ready to love, but as the bond grows between them, so does the potential for it all to go wrong. Scared by how fast it’s moving, Katy tries to put on the brakes, but Callan has found his true mate and he’ll do whatever it takes to claim her.

Dragon Fixation (Onyx Dragons Book 1)

by Amelia Jade on 2018-02-07

Pretend to be the mate to a hunk who thinks he’s a dragon shifter? It’s not exactly what Corporal Carla Giannone signed up for when she joined the military, hoping to help protect those who didn’t have a voice. But his muscles and charm say yes, as does the forty-eight hours of leave that she just started. What could go wrong?

Awoken from his slumber and told that he’s to be used as a weapon by the human military, Thorne is growing angry. He should be asked, not told; his power as a dragon must be respected and feared. With his own interests in mind he convinces a gorgeous woman to help him trick those in charge to sending him on his way. Only he never expected it to be more than just a joke…

Ripped away from the unit that had become her family and stuffed into a downtown apartment suite with the so-called dragon shifter, Carla doesn’t know how to act. Especially when he comes to her and says that it wasn’t a joke after all. She really is his mate. Caught between her desire to return to the military and her burgeoning feelings for the dragon, Carla knows there must be a way she can have both. But will she find the answer in time?

For a short time, enjoy several bonus books included as well!

Dragon Devotion (Crimson Dragons Book 3)

by Amelia Jade on 2018-01-24

Harlow Quinn Ryder only ever wanted to bring joy to kids. That’s why she spent her inheritance on a parade float company, hoping to recreate the magic for others she once felt as a child. An unfortunate accident with a giant hunky stranger may have just put her out of business though, ending her dream forever.

When newly awakened dragon shifter Vanek is told he has two weeks left to prove the worth of all dragons, time starts ticking. He needs to get out there, find his mate, and kill an Outsider. No easy task. Until he steps foot out of his building and right into the path of his mate. Literally.

One ruined float, cancelled contract, and makeup dinner date later, Vanek knows he’s found the one. But she’s used to the nomad life, and it’s more than just the call of the unknown that keeps her on the move. Can the fire-breathing dragon convince her to give love one final chance before the countdown expires, or will he be ripped away from her forever?

For a short time, enjoy two bonus novels included!!