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Oceans Of Stars: Part I

by Amelie Bloom on 2019-03-21

Cryptic and reserved Olivia Raye is, for the lack of better explicable definitions, not your usual teenager. Still, when her sister asks her to attend high school, she agrees only to avoid causing disappointments. Now she is going to have to navigate through the torrid teenagery waters of being seventeen in America, trying to be a normal human teen, although she doesn't fit in that category one bit.

Oceans of Stars - Part I narrates the beginning of this odyssey through Olivia’s eyes. Join her in this metamorphic stage of her turbulent existence as she learns what it means to be human and forges bonds she never knew she craved. Will she embrace who she is or find herself stuck on a planet that is not hers forever? Maybe she is about to find out things aren’t that simple. Can someone belong to more than one world?