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Arriving Soon


Night Pleasures: Paranormal Romance

by Amy Faye on 2018-04-09

It was my job to save her.

It wasn't my job to fall in love with her.

Well, we're in more danger than ever and every time I look at her I get hard.

But if I have to die to save her from that cult, I will.

More Information:

Night Pleasures is a dark, erotic novel about two lovers and the cult that controls them. If you like angst and stories about the occult, this novel is for you.

Words: 39,000

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Fiction -> Romance -> Cult Romance
Fiction -> Romance -> Occult Romance
Fiction -> Romance -> Supernatural Romance
Fiction -> Romance -> Lovecraftian Fiction
Fiction -> Science Fiction -> Cthulhu Cult
Fiction -> Romance -> Dark Romance

Sacrifice: Paranormal Romance

by Amy Faye on 2017-10-19

Deft hands made quick work of her skirt, bunching it up around her hips.


Raised on a farm in a religious group called The Lore Keepers, being a sex slave was almost the only thing Cady understood.

She never imagined that someone might try to save her.

Could something pull her down into the cult's darkest depths?


A monster hunter that felt a few decades older than he really was, Dean wanted nothing more than to be retired and run his ski lodge in peace.

When an old friend asked for help saving his long lost daughter from a cult, though, he couldn't say no. As soon as he set eyes on her, his fate was sealed and his heart was hers.

Too bad neither of them know that their meeting was exactly what the cult wanted.

Ferocious: Dragon Paranormal Romance

by Amy Faye on 2017-07-08

Get down on your knees.

The look in Alex's eyes made Diana shiver. She could feel her eyes threatening to roll back up into her head, just from the weight of that look.

She wanted nothing more than to sit there in a subservient puddle on the ground. But he wouldn't accept that and she wasn't going to give it to him and try to hope.

No, she wanted to challenge him, wanted to overwhelm him, wanted to throw him off his balance the way that he had thrown her off of her own.

And she wanted to suck him off, because... come on, right? The most power and dominance she would ever have in the relationship was when she was between his knees and he wanted nothing more than for her to never ever stop.

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