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Homecoming (Sphere-World Series Book 3)

by Anathea N. Krrill on 2018-10-13

Bending time and space has never been more breathtaking!

At the end of a dangerous journey, the crew of The Odyssey find a world they could not have conceived of.
With humankind decimated to a bare minimum, Nature is in charge once again.
Dylan, Bella’s husband, is a singular entity – an alien and one of the First Children of the Universe. He is in hiding from the Council of singular entities.
Nick – their friend and confidant is a man of dual nature. Light and Dark – he is a man in need to understand and conquer his demons.
Holly – Bella and Dylan’s daughter – is fighting desperately for Nick’s Light. She is forced to team up with Ah-dam, whose ludicrous claims require more than just a leap of faith.
Who is Ah-dam?
Where does he come from?
Can he be trusted?
And how does he fit into the history of the Universe?
A story of love and pain, myth and lore, physics, metaphysics, Light and Dark, hope and devastation, brought to an unconventional conclusion.
The Sphere-World Series will take you on a journey from the distant future to the origin of the universe; from the very beginning of humanity and life in general to the abstract realm of the Inbetween- a place that exists in the energy-continuum between distinctive quantum levels - where many worlds coexist and interact.

An intriguing concoction of science fiction, romance, fantasy, and historical events.

Each book has its own conclusion.

Each story is set in a different environment.

Packed full of adventure and unforeseeable twists and turns, The Sphere-World Series provides a nail-biting encounter with the future and the history of the universe itself.